The Flash's Grant Gustin Shares First Look At Season 6 Suit

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San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner, and soon, Arrow-verse fans will get a taste of all The CW has in store for what may be its biggest fall season to date. There's the final season of Arrow, the premiere of the hotly-anticipated Batwoman, and of course, the mega crossover The Flash has teased for years now, "Crisis On Infinite Earths." How will the series build to such a massive event?

To start, it appears that Barry Allen will be getting yet another new Flash costume. The Flash's star, Grant Gustin, shared a first look at The Flash's new suit for Season 6 without the cowl. In what is surely a surprise to no one, he's running.

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At first glance, The Flash's Season 6 suit looks very similar to the one in Season 5. One noticeable difference is the addition of gold accents on the torso of the suit, which have been on past incarnations of the costume. It's also worth mentioning the cowl is missing, although that's probably for the sake of featuring Grant Gustin's face on the magazine cover.

The cowl was one of the biggest differences between The Flash suits of prior seasons, and featured a noticeable change in which it appeared much more helmet-like than other versions. Obviously, we have no idea if that has been scaled back, made bigger, or otherwise, and we probably won't know until the first trailer for Season 6 of The Flash premieres. In the meantime, here's a better look at the lower half of the costume which also appears to have gold accents as well.

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And even then, this look can only be taken at face value. The Flash has and probably will do some color correction in post-production, which could darken the suit's appearance up when it is actually seen on The Flash. One thing that probably won't be corrected are those red boots, which now serve as confirmation that The CW series still hasn't made the switch to yellow boots. Perhaps Thawne stole all those for his costumes.

Grant Gustin's tease of the suit is the latest news on The Flash Season 6, which has been largely under wraps up until this point. There have been reports of a new socially awkward scientist character that will be introduced, and we still haven't officially heard if Cisco Ramon is leaving Team Flash to live a normal life without the burden of being a hero. Really, all we know for sure is that things will get bonkers around crossover time.

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And that, along with this costume reveal, may be enough to tide The Flash fanbase over until news starts rolling out during San Diego Comic-Con. Stick with CinemaBlend for updates and news breaking from the event as it rolls in, and be prepared for plenty of analysis on all this new info in the coming months.

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