The Flash's New Cisco Rumor Is A Total Bummer We Don't Want To Believe

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Cisco Ramon has been The Flash's main source for comedy, clever names, and quick travel, but a new rumor has us worried those days are coming to an end. While The CW series is confirmed to be coming back for Season 6, it's possible that Cisco is not. Yep, it appears one of the first main cast members of Team Flash could be on his way out -- if this rumor is true.

The rumor -- just a rumor -- claims actor Carlos Valdes is looking to move on from the role, and wants to make Season 5 his final season on The Flash. We Got This Covered referenced an anonymous source, who wasn't even 100% sure on the intel, but still felt "pretty confident" in its veracity. There was nothing more solid than that. But rumors were already spreading even before that post. So, with that said, should audiences be prepared to say their goodbyes to Cisco Ramon?

It's hard to say, as there's no denying Season 5 of The Flash has been a weird season for Cisco. First, Cicada stripped him of his powers, and Team Flash has essentially replaced him for fast travel services via the Extrapolator. He's also been a little more absent and further from the main story line than in season's past, and when he does appear as of late, he's working on the metahuman cure. Is he going to use it on himself?

That's a possibility, of course, but let's also remember the metahuman cure could be used to strip villains of their powers. Additionally, Team Flash is about as loaded with characters as its ever been, which may be the reason things aren't as Cisco heavy as they once were. Actors always have valid reasons for stepping away from long-running shows for a spell beyond preparing to leave, just ask Jesse L. Martin.

Plus, let's not forget that The CW has "Crisis On Infinite Earths" coming up later this year. One would think Cisco will need to be around to help move heroes. Without knowing the source of the intel, it feels as though someone could be reading into the show's direction and hoping to get lucky on a guess. Granted, this isn't the only person saying this, as rumors have been floating around on social media about Carlos Valdes leaving as well.

That said, the thought of Cisco getting written off of The Flash is incredibly devastating. Let's just hope that if it does happen, he's given the opportunity to ride off into the sunset so that he can return for a future adventure. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that's going to happen with Cicada still lurking around. Killing off a character as beloved as Cisco would be a great way to add some emotional weight to this season.

Cisco's fate will continue to unravel on The Flash, which airs on The CW Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep up on all the other things happening with television with our midseason premiere guide.

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