Better Call Saul's Bob Odenkirk Knows When Kim 'Goes Away' It'll Be The End Of Jimmy

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It's the elephant in the room. What happens to Kim Wexler on Better Call Saul? She was nowhere to be found when we met Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad. So ... does she die? Does she leave him and never return? Will she return at some point in Cinnabon Gene's post-Breaking Bad storyline in Nebraska? After all, Kim was said to be from a small town on the Kansas/Nebraska border, so I'm still rooting for Kim to somehow pop up at the end of Gene's story.

Bob Odenkirk introduced Saul in Breaking Bad Season 2, and currently plays both Jimmy and Gene on Better Call Saul, which wrapped up Season 4 in October 2018 and continues with Season 5 in 2020. Odenkirk previewed the "schism" ahead in Jimmy's psyche as we get closer to the Breaking Bad timeline, telling TheWrap he ties the full rise of Saul to the end of Kim:

When Kim goes away, that’s probably a kind of a bigger and deeper schism to tie him, where he cannot be Jimmy anymore. It will be interesting to see, I don’t know how we get there.

If he really doesn't know how we get there, then maybe we shouldn't read into "goes away." That could mean death or a walk-out. Either one would sadly make sense in Jimmy's world.

So it sounds like "Saul" still has some Jimmy left to him, even though the Better Call Saul Season 4 finale ended with the words "S'all good, man!" from Jimmy to Kim after he reveals he's not going to practice law under the name Jimmy McGill anymore.

Many Better Call Saul fans saw that as the official transformation from Jimmy to Saul, but it makes sense that Jimmy won't completely go away himself until Kim does. Kim loves Jimmy, and I think Jimmy does love Kim in his way. But how long will Kim put up with "Saul Goodman" in her life?

The Kim we know is Jimmy's better half in every way. Rhea Seehorn has said she's nervous about Kim, too, but knows there are worse fates for her than death. Like Kim staying with Jimmy and becoming "something that's tragic."

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It sounds like Better Call Saul Season 5 will not end the series. Instead, it's looking like Season 6 may be the final season, but nothing is official yet. Does that mean Kim survives Season 5? Does she stay with Jimmy/Saul through that time?

Maybe two more seasons will give the Emmys enough time to appreciate actress Rhea Seehorn. CinemaBlend's own Nick Venable pondered if the AMC show has to kill off Kim just for Seehorn to be recognized. Bob Odenkirk seemed to share that frustration:

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Bob Odenkirk also added some Cinnabon Gene teases to TheWrap, noting that he thinks Gene is "cracking up" and is struggling to stay undercover. He suspects the ultimate plan for Gene will "be a combo aggregation and journey of all of these [characters]," Jimmy, Saul, and Gene. But unless he's just holding his cards very close to his chest, it sounds like Odenkirk doesn't really know how things end for Kim or Jimmy/Gene.

AMC and The Powers That Be are apparently being very strict with security when it comes to Better Call Saul Season 5 spoilers. The new season is set to premiere in 2020 but we don't have an exact date yet.

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