Batman Star Wants Mark Hamill's Joker To Join 2019 Arrow-verse Crossover

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The Arrow-verse mega-crossover "Crisis on Infinite Earths" has announced some pretty surprising additions in recent weeks, with the casting of voice actor Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne the most surprising yet. Now that Conroy is officially appearing as Wayne in live-action, fans are already clamoring for another iconic voice actor from the Batman franchise to join in on the fun. The question is, will Mark Hamill appear as Joker to go head-to-head against Conroy's Bruce?

That we don't know, but Kevin Conroy seems to be a big fan of it happening. The former Batman: The Animated Series star reached out to his friend on Twitter to see what he thought of the idea.

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So now we have Kevin Conroy in on the "let's bring Mark Hamill into Crisis as Joker," train which may actually be helpful provided he's worked with the voice actor on several projects over the years. With that being said, Hamill playing Joker had to be something the Arrow-verse big wigs thought of the minute they locked down Conroy, so fingers crossed something's already in the works and Conroy is just playing "Con-coy."

After all, Mark Hamill has worked within the Arrow-verse before as The Trickster, so it tracks that he could be the Joker of another world. We also know that The Flash tried to lock down Hamill to appear in an episode in Season 5, but things ultimately fell through due to scheduling conflicts with his work on History's Knightfall. Could Hamill have another more time in his schedule for a cameo this year?

That remains to be seen, although one has to imagine the back half of his year will be busy with any promotion he may be doing for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Take that plus the litany of voice acting projects he's taken on, and unfortunately, there may not be time in his schedule at the moment for even a scene or two.

One does have to wonder though, if Mark Hamill's Joker did appear, what would that look like? After all, Kevin Conroy's Bruce Wayne is going to be from the future, so would the Arrow-verse introduce a future Joker to serve as a foil to him? It doesn't seem likely he'd play a present-day Joker given his age, but who can really predict what kind of craziness will happen in this ground-breaking crossover?

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