NCIS: Los Angeles Star Teases 'Bloody Brilliant' Season 11 Episode Ahead

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NCIS: Los Angeles guest star Steve Valentine is teasing a “bloody brilliant” episode of Season 11 is coming fans' way! If you are any in doubt of the episode’s bloody amount of brilliance, you can take heart. Why? Because it is almost entirely ensured to live up to the "bloody" hype.

After all, “bloody brilliant” is in the episode’s title. Despite fan fears, NCIS: Los Angeles was renewed, and it is ready to bring the excitement. Filming on Season 11 began getting underway in August, and a few episodes have already wrapped. Check out Steve Valentine’s Instagram post below:

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In his caption, Steve Valentine vows that Season 11 Episode 4, titled “A Bloody Brilliant Plan,” is going to “rock your world.” NCIS: Los Angeles will welcome both Valentine and Arrow vet/all-around entertainment regular Vinnie Jones for the installment. Jones’ appearance was confirmed thanks to a video posted on Instagram by Daniela Ruah, who plays Kensi Blye on the crime drama.

If you need more of a tease about the Season 11 episode, Steve Valentine has been kind enough to oblige. The actor continued teasing NCIS: Los Angeles fans on Instagram. This time, with a picture featuring him and Vinnie Jones. The duo appears to be in costume as their characters in the shot. Check out Steve Valentine’s cool post below:

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What are Steve Valentine and Vinnie Jones going to be getting up to in the dark turns of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11? This question is undoubtedly destined to start stirring speculation among fans. Either way, both actors are dressed in dapper suits, so whatever they get up to it will be in style.

Pictured in between Vinnie Jones and Steve Valentine is director Terence Nightingall. In a post earlier in the week, the director posted a snap of him and Jones. He captioned it with a “huge” tease. See for yourself below:

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Terence Nightingall wrote, “Something is coming your way. Huge.” He did not elaborate further in that caption, and he did not directly mention NCIS: Los Angeles. However, I think it is safe to speculate the two may be connected. Time will tell for sure! What could be the something huge that is coming fans way? There is less time to wait to find out!

What is known about NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11? Quite a bit. The series will be bringing back a fan favorite to guest star on the upcoming season. So, get pumped for that! Sadly, the show will be featuring less of a critical character when it returns. However, it sounds like there's some cool news coming for Hetty.

NCIS: Los Angeles will continue to be home to that epic JAG reunion it pulled off last season. That story will continue to play into Season 11. JAG and NCIS: Los Angeles fans will have to stay tuned to see if Mac and Harm can somehow find a happy ending.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 premieres Sunday, September 29 on CBS. The long-running series’ return is part of this fall’s premieres.

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