WWE Fans Angry About Controversial Hell In A Cell Ending Can Reportedly Blame Vince McMahon

Seth Rollins Hell In A Cell PPV
(Image credit: YouTube Screengrab)
(Image credit: YouTube Screengrab)

Warning! The following contains the results to WWE's latest PPV Hell In A Cell. Read at your own risk!

The WWE has some unhappy viewers after its latest pay-per-view Hell In A Cell. Wrestling fans were already worked up when fan-favorite champion Kofi Kingston lost in an astonishingly short match against Brock Lesnar, but things really reached a breaking point during the main event match between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt, or "The Fiend." For those looking for a finger to point at who was responsible for that disaster, it looks like Vince McMahon is reportedly to blame.

Apparently, it was Vince McMahon's call to have the match between Rollins and Wyatt end in disqualification. The decision was questioned by a majority of fans watching Hell In A Cell, as the point in the long-running WWE event is that the Hell in a Cell match is "no holds barred." There are weapons, brutality, and violence such as the time Undertaker threw Mankind off the top of the cage. In short, a disqualification in the match shouldn't exist, and the internet's reaction was on par with those actually at the event.

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Wrestling insiders such as Fightful Select have reported the news that Vince McMahon made the call for the match's controversial ending, but there are varying responses to how he felt about it. Some say the bold and often confident McMahon laughed off the audience boos, and others maintain he's well aware that the WWE owner's decision may have ruined a decent PPV, and two of the brand's most interesting wrestlers.

Some fans are so upset that they're trying to hit WWE where it hurts: the pocket book. Several fans have tweeted out the hashtag "Cancel WWE Network," which is the WWE's streaming service many use to watch pay-per-views. Enough have tweeted it out to get the topic trending on Twitter, which has to make some in WWE nervous.

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As seen above, many are mentioning various members of All Elite Wrestling in their cancellation tweets, perhaps in hopes of scaring the WWE into immediate change. After all, there's a new AEW is the new competitor on the block, so fans can get their fix elsewhere without watching Monday Night Raw or Smackdown Live.

Will WWE try to appease its fans amidst all this controversy and calls for cancellations? Well, fans would need to tune in to find out, so it's a double-edged sword for the scorned fans hoping their outrage will encourage the brand to appease them and win back their viewership. It's led many fans to think a lot of the outrage is disingenuous, and that many angry fans will be back in droves to complain while watching Monday Night Raw.

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It's happened before, and given the questionable booking decisions the WWE has made in the past that has angered fans, it will happen again. The question is, will this be the controversy that actually affects the brand in a meaningful way, or will it be something viewers forget by the time the next pay-per-view rolls around?

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