Big Brother's Jackson And Holly 'Would Love' To Join Another CBS Reality Show

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Love them or hate them, Jackson Michie and Holly Allen were the Cinderella story of Big Brother Season 21. The duo had a massive target on their back midway through the season, and managed to be the first show-mance to make it to the Final Two. Their success was in large part due to their clutch competition winning, which may be why the duo have their eyes set on another CBS reality series, and a specific one at that.

So, how long until we see these two on Survivor? Anything is possible, though that's not exactly the reality competition that Jackson Michie is looking to do at the moment. The Big Brother winner said he's hoping he and Holly Allen can be future competitors in The Amazing Race.

I’m not going to lie, I would love to be on Amazing Race. I am going to shoot my shot as much as we can to be on Amazing Race.

If Jackson wants to be on The Amazing Race, there's precedent that shows that circumstance is a distinct possibility. The Amazing Race had former Big Brother players compete as recently as Season 31, so it's not crazy to think CBS could give Jackson and Holly an invitation if they're down to compete. Could Michie bring his "chess not checkers" strategy to The Amazing Race?

Possibly, especially seeing as Holly Allen is just as gung ho about competiting in The Amazing Race as Jackson Michie. When asked by WBBJ Eyewitness News if she would compete alongside her show-mance partner, Holly didn't sound like she would waver, saying:

I would do that in a heartbeat.

The only thing potentially holding back Jackson and Holly's run on The Amazing Race would be a romantic split, and possibly the passionate Big Brother fanbase. Jackson's reputation in the eyes of many fans was far from shining, and allegations of cheating and racism could be enough for CBS to think twice about inviting him back to the network for another television series.

That being said, Jackson Michie has had a good deal of fans defending him since the ending of Big Brother 21, and he has been consistent in his message that none of his decisions were racially motivated and that he's not a cheater. Some may not be convinced, but Michie certainly seems to have more supporters than he had while Big Brother 21 was ongoing. Is the series' first Final 2 show-mance popular enough for The Amazing Race's producers to look past any criticisms for adding them?

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