Jeopardy Welcomes Back Mega-Champ James Holzhauer For Tournament Of Champions

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In early 2019, James Holzhauer took the Jeopardy! world by storm. The professional gambler was betting big and winning even bigger and it seemed the game show would never be the same once his streak came to an end. Now, Holzhauer is back, and he's taking on some of the other greats of the game as Jeopardy!'s Tournament of Champions kicks off this week.

For those ready to see James Holzhauer back in action, he's scheduled to play on Wednesday, November 6. Holzhauer will be taking on other Jeopardy! champions Alan Dunn (five-day winner with total winnings of $120,802) and Lindsey Shultz (four-day winner with winnings of $103,000). Will Holzhauer be just as dominant against champions as he was during his 32-game winning streak that netted him over $2 million? We'll soon find out!

What's interesting is that James Holzhauer won't get a rematch just yet with the woman who defeated him, Emma Boetcher. Boetcher is competing in Thursday's episode of Jeopardy!'s Tournament of Champions, though if the two of them end up winning their respective matchups, they'll come face to face eventually. Boetcher defeated Holzhauer using his own aggressive tactics and play-style, so one would think both are solid favorites to win the $250,000.

One big name won't be competing in this year's Jeopardy! tournament: Ken Jennings. Jennings holds the record for the longest streak of consecutive games won, and has the highest earnings in regular-season play. James Holzhauer and Jennings traded barbs on Twitter during Holzhauer's big run, but the two have yet to go face to face on the Alex Trebek-hosted game show. Hopefully Jennings and Holzhauer will get a chance to face off against each other soon.

Of course, James Holzhauer will need to prove he's worthy of Jennings first by taking out the competition in Jeopardy!'s 2019 Tournament of Champions. Beyond the people mentioned, Twitter notes this tournament features past winners like Kyle Jones, Anneke Garcia, Gilbert Collins, Rob Worman, Dhruv Gaur, Rachel Lindgren, Josh Hill, Eric R. Backes, Ryan Fenster, Steven Grade, and Francois Barcomb. While Holzhauer may be the main draw for viewers tuning in, let's not forget any of these former champions have a shot at winning it all.

The Tournament of Champions has been an event on Jeopardy! since 1964, and actually predates Alex Trebek's tenure as host. The show has done the event on a near annual basis, though there are at least 8 years in the show's history a Tournament of Champions was not held. This will be the first one since 2017.

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