South Park Fans Sent 200 Phone Calls To One Irritated Person After Misdialing Number On TV

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South Park isn't afraid to make fun of people. In fact, parody has become the core of the series, and it's never too surprising to hear a group or person was upset not long after an episode's airing. With that said, one person was slightly irritated in the days following "Basic Cable," after an easter egg on the series resulted in a large volume of calls to their workplace.

A Twitter user posted the Facebook status of a family friend, who said they had received "200+" phone calls over a couple of days in regards to "Baby Yoda" The Mandalorian and "The Scott Malkinson Show." At first the person was very confused by what was happening, but figured it out after a brief conversation with one of the hundreds of callers.

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Imagine sitting at work, and all of the sudden calls come flooding in of people asking about Star Wars, South Park, and getting a Netflix show approved. It had to be a confusing couple days for this individual who, coincidentally enough, happened to celebrate their birthday the night the South Park episode aired. This sounds like quite a birthday story that won't be forgotten anytime soon.

The victim of these misdials should also be thankful the joke South Park set up was a lighthearted one, and not one where callers were encouraged to scream obscenities or something. Luckily, the episode was more of a nod to the Baby Yoda phenomenon that has swept the nation following The Mandalorian, which may explain the high volume of wrong number calls. People love Baby Yoda!

"Basic Cable" wasn't entirely about Baby Yoda, though, but more of South Park's commentary on the influx of streaming services that have sprung up. The plot revolved around Scott Malkinson, and his attempts to win over a girl by tapping into her love of Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian. Those that actually call the number that was featured in the episode connect to a hotline which offers up the rights of fake streaming shows. The Scott Malkinson Show, PC Babies, and Tegridy Farms are some of the streaming rights currently offered by the hotline.

While The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda jokes had to be fairly recent, one has to wonder if the streaming service episode hadn't been planned from the season's start. The streaming spinoff phenomenon predates Season 23, and many of the shows pitched had been part of some jokes in prior South Park episodes. In either case, good on South Park for finding a way to work in Baby Yoda, and give the world yet another meme of this cute little green alien.

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