NCIS: New Orleans' Fall Finale Has Us Worried About Pride And The Man In The Red Suit

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the NCIS: New Orleans episode "Requital." Read at your own risk!

It was a night of vengeance in the NCIS universe, as both the flagship series and NCIS: New Orleans had reckonings of sorts that brought some major changes in each show. While NCIS was pre-occupied with Ziva settling a score she thought was already settled, Dwayne Pride was similarly out for some revenge tied to LaSalle's killer. Scott Bakula's agent got what he wanted, though NCIS: New Orleans fans may be worried about Pride after the winter finale, thanks to that guy in the red suit that he's been dreaming about.

It all started with a big showdown at Eddie Barrett's compound, which eventually resulted in the cult leader fleeing with Dwayne Pride in pursuit. The two finally came face to face again in the woods, with both armed and ready to settle a score. NCIS: New Orleans viewers don't know exactly what happened next, but according to Pride's story, he riddled Barrett with bullets because the cultist went for a gun that was shoved in his waistband. Pride then went M.I.A, leaving his team to relay his shaky version of the story to the FBI.

Pride made a beeline for Christopher LaSalle's grave to tell the beloved character that the man responsible for his death had been brought to lethal justice. Pride re-appeared to the team later that night, though it seemed clear to everyone that all was not well. Later that night, Pride dreamt of the man in the red suit whom he first witnessed in his dreams earlier in Season 6, and the ordeal left him visibly shaken when he woke up.

Back when Pride was first dreaming of the man in the red suit, it was suggested he may be from a memory that the NCIS: New Orleans character had forgotten. Other suggestions have been that he represents Pride's subconscious, or maybe even his guilty conscience? The latter is interesting, as it could mean that Pride's telling of the events with Eddie Barrett did not go down in the way he explained it to the rest of the team.

In short, Dwayne Pride may have murdered Eddie Barrett in cold blood out of pure vengeance. His motivation, of course, was to avenge Christopher LaSalle, and with no other living witness around to see what happened, it probably appeared as if he could get away with it. Be that as it may, the re-emergence of the red suited man in his dreams could mean Pride has some guilt that he murderered Barrett, as opposed to bringing him to justice in the appropriate way.

Hey, it wouldn't be the first time an NCIS agent straight up killed someone and kept it a secret. The question is though, if this is the case and Dwayne really is suffering mentally as a result of his actions, the only way to get himself on the straight and narrow may be to confess. Doing so is sure to have consequences for his career, and possibly legal ramifications? Regardless of how it all shakes out, NCIS: New Orleans really set the stage for a great return in 2020.

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