How NCIS: New Orleans Is Following That LaSalle Shocker

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Huge spoilers for the November 5 episode of NCIS: New Orleans Season 6, entitled “Matthew 5:9” are discussed below.

How is NCIS: New Orleans planning to follow that LaSalle shocker? The answer lies in quite a few intense episodes slated to run throughout November. NCIS: New Orleans sent shockwaves through its fan base with its November 5 episode, entitled “Matthew 5:9.” In it, Christopher LaSalle (Lucas Black) worked to continue avenging the death of his brother.

During his investigation, LaSalle tried to bring down the drug ring he held responsible. In his pursuit of this, LaSalle ended up getting shot several times. He survived a life-saving surgery, only to have his vitals plummet in a jaw-dropping twist. Tragically, LaSalle ultimately died from his injuries. The response from NCIS: New Orleans fans has been swift and strong. What comes next?

Well, NCIS: New Orleans will pick up with the November 12 episode, “Boom-Boom-Boom.” The title is a nod to its plot, which will find NCIS investigating a natural gas explosion at a movie theater. They learn there could be more of its kind after discovering that the gas company has been hacked.

It is the first episode back after LaSalle’s death, so you have to imagine NCIS: New Orleans will tackle the aftermath to some extent. As far as the plot synopsis goes, there is no clear indication that the show will, which was surely intentional by CBS to avoid spoilers. Episode synopses are released well in advance.

Fast forward to the episode airing November 19, entitled “The Order of the Mongoose.”

In that episode of NCIS: New Orleans, Sebastian will call the team in for assistance. The case involves the possible kidnapping of a dignitary’s son after he vanishes from a local concert venue. The investigation is personal for Sebastian, who was assigned to protect him. Unfortunately, there is still no direct mention of LaSalle.

NCIS: New Orleans will return with a brand new episode on November 26 and fan-favorite LaSalle does get mentioned in its synopsis. That makes sense, since CBS just posted that new synopsis on November 7, whereas previous synopses were released to the public before the big LaSalle shocker aired.

In “Convicted,” the CSI: NY vet who got cast in a critical role for Season 6 will guest star.

In this LaSalle-centric episode of NCIS: New Orleans, CSI: NY’s Eddie Cahill will star as Eddie Barrett, who will provide an alibi witness. Afterward, Pride and the team are said to be “more determined than ever” to make a “break in the case and avenge LaSalle’s murder.” Fans are going to want to stay tuned for that!

Will ratings rise as fans tune in to see if the team succeeds? It will be interesting to follow. New episodes of NCIS: New Orleans air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. While you wait to see if NCIS can avenge LaSalle, check out this fall’s premieres.

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