Fox's Masked Singer Spinoff Sounds Like A Big Misstep, But There's Ellen

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The Masked Singer has been a raging success for Fox, even if some people may be confused as to why it exists in the first place. What isn't confusing is Fox wanting to further capitalize on its success, which is why the network has green-lit Season 3 and, at TCA, announced a spinoff to the wacky singing show called The Masked Dancer. What could go wrong with this new show that is already off to a fast start with Ellen DeGeneres attached?

A lot, honestly. While it isn't hard to see why Fox would want another show like The Masked Singer in its lineup, it's also easy to see how this could be a big misstep for the network. Hey, I could be wrong, but after watching two seasons of The Masked Singer, it's hard to imagine that The Masked Dancer will get off to the flying start the flagship show had.

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Why Does The Masked Dancer Exist?

As mentioned, The Masked Singer has been a real winner for Fox. Audiences love the talent showcase aspect, but the real draw is the mystery and trying to guess the famous competitors before their unmaskings. Fox needed another talent competition that allowed them to hide celebrities' identities, and it looks like The Masked Dancer is that show.

Perhaps more importantly, it's a spinoff idea that has already had success. Ellen first introduced The Masked Dancer there, and the number of views for the segment on YouTube speak for themselves. The joke was that Ellen wasn't going to stop the segment until they got a letter from Fox's attorneys, but it appears a show offer came first!

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How Will The Masked Dancer Exist?

Ellen showed how The Masked Dancer could exist on a small scale, though it's hard to see how the premise will really live up to the concept of The Masked Singer. The singing competition is all about the costumes, which are incredibly elaborate and occasionally breathtaking. They're also padded, heavy, and not too suitable for movement, which feels like a problem when one is dancing.

The Masked Singer has shown contestants bust a move from time to time, but several of them have later admitted they couldn't see what they were doing. The idea is cool, but I can't imagine a scenario where even professional dancers wouldn't be affected or limited in their abilities by wearing a bulky costume and mask. Of course, designers could trim things down and make it less elaborate, but it's the costumed excess that makes The Masked Singer great! In my opinion, it feels like a tough compromise that viewers will notice if producers don't have a solution.

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Can Ellen Save This Idea?

There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding The Masked Dancer, though, let's not forget this is an idea championed by Ellen DeGeneres. She's attached to executive produce, and possibly do more, seeing as how this show was birthed on Ellen, where she hosted the segment along with celebrities like The Masked Singer's Ken Jeong. If Ellen is on camera in this project in any way, expect some magic to happen.

Even if Ellen isn't on camera for this show, she has a solid producing record that shows The Masked Dancer could thrive. Little Big Shots is a great example, as is Green Eggs and Ham. It's not like she really needs to sell it all that much, because The Masked Dancer already has The Masked Singer to do most of the leg work in roping in an audience willing to watch.

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The Masked Dancer does not have a premiere date on Fox just yet, but CinemaBlend will keep an ear to the ground for details. Stay tuned for more on The Masked Singer spinoff, and for the latest major news happening in television and movies.

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