Law And Order: SVU’s Rollins And Carisi Are ‘Intertwined’ In Season 21

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Things between Amanda Rollins and new ADA Sonny Carisi haven't been moving quite so smoothly lately. The former detective partners on Law & Order: SVU managed to develop a strong bond after a rough start working together; ending up with the perfect partnership where they each had each other's back at work and in their personal lives. But, when Carisi decided to put his new law degree to use in the district attorney's office, it strained his relationship with Rollins. As Season 21 continues, though, fans can count on the duo to continue to be "intertwined."

According to Law & Order: SVU's executive producer, Warren Leight, as the second half of Season 21 continues, fans looking to see more of the connection between Rollins and Carisi can count on the two staying firmly planted in each other's orbits. Here's what Leight had to say about their relationship going forward:

They're kind of in an interesting relationship because neither of them seems to be involved with anybody and they're dependent on each other, but at some point, someone's going to pair up or go out on a date. What's going to happen when that happens? Maybe co-dependent is too strong, but they're intertwined.

Hmmmm. OK, well, what Warren Leight told E! News doesn't exactly mean that all the Rollisi fans out there can start counting the days until their ship comes in (See what I did there?), but it also doesn't spell doom for a potential romance, either. Though, I have to admit, it also doesn't give us much to go on when it comes to Rollins and Carisi in the back half of this season. I mean, what does "intertwined" actually mean for these two?

There has been some serious sexual tension between Rollins and Carisi for quite some time now, and while I can imagine they both thought it was prudent not to jeopardize their strong working relationship with a romance that might not pan out (or would pan out and lead to them having to tell Benson and maybe getting split up on the job), Carisi is no longer a cop, so there shouldn't be any real issue if they want to take their friendship further.

Rollins and Carisi had quite a big bust up early in the season over a case, which led to Rollins admitting that she wasn't happy at all about him leaving SVU behind and abandoning her. But, while she was held hostage in the winter premiere, Rollins had an emotional breakthrough, and after getting herself out of the jam went straight to Carisi to cry in his waiting arms.

So, sure, "intertwined" could just mean that they're fully friends again and Rollins has completely forgiven Carisi for leaving the force, but it could also mean that something more getting-naked-and-horizontal could be on the way, too. I mean, we never freakin' got that with Benson and Stabler, so we can all hope, right? Let's take a break and remember that one time that Rollins and Carisi almost kissed, shall we?

Wooo! I mean, you felt that heat, right? Let's hope that Warren Leight and his writers don't tease us too much with potential girlfriends or boyfriends coming in and dissipating the fire that's been brewing between Rollins and Carisi. I mean, when the situation seems this clear, why mess it up?

We'll all just have to watch Law & Order: SVU as its record-breaking season continues to see what may or may not happen with Rollins and Carisi's...intertwinedment (Quiet. It's a word now.) on NBC, Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST.

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