Doctor Who Will Address Major Questions In Two Part Super-Sized Season 12 Finale

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Doctor Who Season 12 has had a ton of unexpected and crazy moments, and thus far, those moments have largely only created more questions. Thankfully, showrunner Chris Chibnall revealed that fans answers to questions with potentially big implications are on the way. Gear up for the mega-sized finale, with some information regarding "The Timeless Child" coming up soon.

Considering the second part of the finale's episode title is "The Timeless Children," that may have been an easy guess, but it's always good to have confirmation. Chris Chibnall wasn't as forthcoming with details on this mystery as he was about the unexpected new Doctor, but did say enough to confirm the mystery will be addressed.

I can’t tell you anything about this episode. The Timeless Child is mentioned as far back as 'The Ghost Monument,' and the final episode of this series is where some of those questions get answered. It’s a huge, emotional finale with lots of Cybermen. And it runs for 65 minutes. It’s both epic, and personal. This is what you’re always looking for in a series finale – the way the big, universe-threatening story impacts on the personal lives of your characters. And categorically that’s what’s happening in this episode.

Answers regarding The Timeless Child are coming, but first, The Doctor and her "fam" will have to deal with those meddling Cybermen. The classic villains were teased by Captain Jack Harkness in his recent cameo, and considering part one of the Season 12 finale is called "Ascension of the Cybermen," the chances are big that they'll play a big factor in this story. Are the Cybermen somehow connected to the timeless child, or The Master's destruction of Gallifrey?

Chris Chibnall told Radio Times that Part 1 of the Season 12 finale will take place towards the end of the great cyber war. As is often the case in Doctor Who, the doubled-up ending will cater to high stakes, and this finale could even cause a major shake up in the team at the end of the season.

'Ascension of the Cybermen' is one of those episodes where the Doctor and her friends are all on the run from different threats. We head into the next episode with the jeopardy of whether they’re ever going to meet up again…

Season 11 of Doctor Who didn't feature a familiar villain until its New Year's special, and now Season 12 has had multiple major cameos and may potentially lose a companion? This season has been doing all the things Doctor Who fans love best, though it remains to be seen if Chris Chibnall will stick the landing. Given what this season has given us so far, I'm optimistic, and can't wait to see what answers are on the way.

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