The Masked Singer’s Ken Jeong Hosting New Musical Game Show

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The Masked Singer has, obviously, been a huge hit for Fox. Season 3 of the singing competition just debuted after the Super Bowl, and some of the reason for its popularity is the fun of watching the celebrity panelists try and guess who might be under those crazy costumes, not to mention seeing if their guesses match up with yours. Well, if you're wishing that there were more singing shows with nutty themes that allowed you to watch Ken Jeong gesticulate wildly while wearing flashy clothes, you're in luck! Jeong now has another music-themed competition coming later this year.

Ken Jeong is now working on the new, unscripted, music guessing game show I Can See Your Voice. The show will see a new contestant every week try to win a cash prize by attempting to tell the difference between good and bad singers...even though they've never actually heard anyone sing a single note on the show. How will this work? A panel of famous comedians, experts and a music superstar will help to lead each contestant through several rounds of true or false evidence, lip sync challenges and laugh out loud hidden clues in order for them to try and locate a good singer.

At the end of the episode, the singer of the contestant's choosing will pair up with that day's music superstar to reveal whether or not a true singing talent was plucked from the group, because they'll then be tasked with singing a duet. This, of course, will either result in a life-changing musical collaboration which will show the audience just how beautiful music can be, or make us all want to throw our televisions out of the highest window while wearing the thickest earmuffs allowed by law.

I can already see why Ken Jeong is involved in a show with this level of potential aural insanity, because it seems right up his weirdo alley. Jeong is on board to host and executive produce I Can See Your Voice, which is based on a South Korean show with the same format. Here's what he had to say about helping to bring the series to viewers in the United States:

As the smartest judge on THE MASKED SINGER, I am excited to be the host of I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE. I truly love working with Rob Wade, Craig Plestis and everyone at FOX Alternative, and I know EXACTLY what the next big FOX hit will be!

Alright, there Mr. Jeong. Those are some big words, but I admire your optimism and total lack of humility! It's certainly true that Americans are obsessed with The Masked Singer, which is, itself, based on a South Korean show, so Jeong might be completely correct that we'll eat this oddball idea up as well. As for Jeong's claim that he's the "smartest" panelist on the current hit, all i can say is, keep being you Ken Jeong. We love it.

There's no word right now on when, exactly, I Can See Your Voice will debut on Fox, what celebrities we can hope to spy there or how many episodes the show will get, but stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest. Until then, check out what you can see right now by taking a gander at our 2020 winter / spring premiere guide!

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