The Masked Singer Season 3 Premiere: Judge Robin Thicke Promises 'The Biggest Shock Yet'

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The Masked Singer just concluded Season 2 towards the end of last year, and Fox is wasting no time in bringing back its weird but beloved singing competition. Season 3 is set to kick off after the Super Bowl, and according to judge Robin Thicke, the premiere will feature quite a surprise for anyone sticking around after the big game.

That's a pretty strong statement, especially given some of the big names that appeared in Season 2. Robin Thicke is pretty adamant this is a shocking reveal. During the Television Critic Awards winter press tour, he mentioned the first episode of Season 3 is in the books and has The Masked Singer's most surprising reveal to date.

We have already shot the Season 3 premiere, and the unveiling on this one is the biggest shock yet.

The Masked Singer has had some notable names on its show, though I would say no one so big it was completely unbelievable they were on the Fox program. It's possible that's the case in the Season 3 premiere, especially with the Super Bowl as a lead in. Massive viewership could convince a very big name with a not so great voice to take part, if only to blow the world's mind when their mask comes off.

Whoever the contestant is that gets unmasked must be fairly well known, especially given judge Jenny McCarthy's quote to Entertainment Tonight. According to McCarthy, it's possible there will be a lot of people watching the episode besides themselves that the judges weren't able to figure out who was behind the mask.

None of us guessed it… All of us got it so wrong that when you watch at home, you guys are gonna be like screaming at the TV.

That's not really anything new for The Masked Singer, as the judges are often more wrong than right on some pretty obvious contestants. Jenny McCarthy hinted that the judges being bad at the game helps with the mystique of the show, and that it may not be as entertaining if they were master guessers like some of the folks on the internet. It sounds to me the judges may play up their cluelessness a bit for the camera, though I'd love to believe Ken Jeong was dead serious about his Bjork guesses in Season 2. Apparently everyone including celebrity guest judge Jaime Foxx was stumped on this one, though, so this reveal may just stump a few people watching at home.

The Masked Singer Season 3 premieres on Fox Sunday, February 2 following the Super Bowl. CinemaBlend is the place to be for updates on the competition when it gets underway, so be sure to stick with us for that and more on what's happening in television and movies.

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