Why The Masked Singer Season 3 Is 'Almost Impossible,' According To Jenny McCarthy

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The Masked Singer is cruising into Season 3, and according to judge Jenny McCarthy, this season should be notably different than the first two. No, the wacky costumes won't be getting dropped, but apparently, the difficulty curve has increased drastically.

Jenny McCarthy revealed that while past seasons gave some very forthcoming and obvious clues on contestants' identities, this season would be different. The Masked Singer judge said Season 3 clues were "almost impossible," and won't be as revealing as they've been in the past.

They changed the clues to be so vague, it's almost impossible. There would be clues like, 'I want to break free, I want to be on my own,' so that would help me narrow it down. Now it's like, someone chewing bubble gum and skipping, and I'm like 'Who's got a bubble gum ad?!'

Jenny McCarthy claims Season 3 of The Masked Singer will have much more vague clues, though it's understandable if fans of the Fox series are skeptical of that claim. Season 2 added padding to attempt and disguise the body types of certain contestants, and it didn't take long for the correct guesses of contestants to make rounds around the web.

So far, it's unknown if The Masked Singer can create clues too vague for its program. The show caters to millions of viewers with access to the internet throughout its airings, and it only takes one of them to get on the trail of a subtle clue for others to hop on the bandwagon. It's one thing to fool judges on a set without access to their phones, it's quite another if these vague clues will be able to fool the show's viewership as a whole.

Even if the clues aren't quite as shocking for some, Jenny McCarthy teased to TV Guide there may be a shock in store for those who tune in after the Super Bowl. The surprise will come in the form of the episode's first revealed contestant which, according to McCarthy, will be quite a surprise.

The first episode is shocking. We all get it wrong. We all freak out because of who it was and how all of us were so wrong by miles.

No word on who the big name is, though one could reason they won't be a famous professional singer. After all, people don't get voted out in the first round of The Masked Singer because they are talented, so this may be a big cameo by some well-known actor or actress. The show hasn't featured any current A-listers as performers, though if there were a time to book one, I'd imagine it would be for the show following the Super Bowl.

The Masked Singer Season 3 premieres on Fox directly following the Sunday, February 2 Super Bowl 2020. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the series, and for a look at what else is happening in the world of movies and television.

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