The Flash Will Do 'Crazier Things' And 'Go Further' After Its Major Iris Twist

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the February 4 episode of The Flash, "Marathon." Read at your own risk.

The entire Arrow-verse turned upside down following the conclusion of "Crisis On Infinite Earths," and every show has been affected by the event in some way. In the case of The Flash, Cisco learned that most of their old villains have re-surfaced with "a fresh coat of paint," which may explain the crazy Iris twist. For those that missed the moment, Barry's wife was investigating a strange mirror in a laboratory, when she was pulled inside of it.

What the hell happened? The Flash's showrunner Eric Wallace isn't ready to reveal that quite yet, but did tease that the series will get crazier from here on out. That's thanks in part to Season 6's format, which Wallace described as the "greatest blessing."

In shortening the seasons and having Big Bads that are exclusive to fewer episodes, the stories burn hotter and faster, which means we can go further and do crazier things, and accomplish narrative goals and emotional goals that we weren’t able to do in the past. It’s been the greatest blessing ever.

Eric Wallace revealed The Flash is able to do some crazy things, which is exactly what the ending of "Marathon" showed. Specifically, it appears Season 6 is working towards introducing its newest version of Mirror Master, with a bit of a twist. McCulloch was the last name of one DC Comics Mirror Master, as well as the name of the evil organization Iris was pursuing. She went in pursuit of someone named "Eva," which may be a nod to the first name of that Mirror Master: "Evan."

It's possible we've seen that Mirror Master already in the form of some reflective creature that sucked Iris into the mirror. It was a truly shocking moment, though exactly what Wallace told TVLine he wanted his staff to do.

I challenged everybody [on the writing staff] to tell the craziest Flash story ever, in all six seasons, and boy have they brought it. We’re not in a horror movie anymore… We’re now going to enter what I would call sci-fi territory.

I wouldn't call a lot of what The Flash has done "sci-fi," so it should be interesting to see where this next arc takes us. It will also be cool to see how the series will continue to re-introduce past villains, and potentially present alternate versions that were snubbed the first time around. If a new Mirror Master is on the way, this should be an interesting look at just how far the series is willing to change its villains the second time around.

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