Did Simon Cowell Set One America's Got Talent: The Champions Finalist Up For Failure?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for America's Got Talent: The Champions' "The Champions Finals." Read at your own risk.

America's Got Talent: The Champions is in its final stretch of Season 2 performances, and everyone is giving it their all in order to be the next champion crowned by the program. Unfortunately, there are some allegations being lodged against Simon Cowell by one of the finalists that may taint the competition's validity for whomever ends up winning. The question is, did Cowell intentionally set up singer Marcelito Pomoy for failure?

That's what is being alleged in a video circulating the web featuring Marcelito Pomoy. Pomoy, who posted the video seen at the start of this but has since taken it down, told fans that the song chosen for his finale performance was not his own and came at the insistence of Simon Cowell to the music crew. Pomoy was told he couldn't change the song despite wanting to, and pressed on anyway with a performance of the Disney classic "Beauty and the Beast." After the performance, which was posted online ahead of the episode, the icy Cowell can be heard tearing down Pomoy's performance, mostly due to the song chosen.

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Provided these allegations by Marcelito Pomoy are true, Simon Cowell forced the singer out of his comfort zone by demanding a song that couldn't be changed. When Pomoy finished the song, Cowell then claimed that the song choice was too safe, and wasn't very original given the fact it was the finals of America's Got Talent: The Champions. Cowell allegedly insisted on the exact things he would be tearing Pomoy down for, before the performance even started.

The question is, how much did Simon Cowell's scathing (and potentially pre-planned) criticism hurt Marcelito Pomoy's chances of winning America's Got Talent: The Champions? It should be noted the decision of who wins is entirely out of judges' hands, and will fall on the shoulders of the show's superfans. Cowell's influence on the contestants will certainly vary between each voter, so it's almost impossible to tell what impact his words will have in the finale vote.

There's no denying that Marcelito Pomoy is one of America's Got Talent: The Champions' top talents in Season 2, but is he the top talent? That's debatable depending on who's asked as Tyler Butler-Figueroa, V.Unbeatable and others have given strong performances that could win this competition as well. Really, even competitors like Hans seem to have a chance at this stage, which may be why so many of Pomoy's fans are angered following this alleged incident. Everything matters at this stage, and Simon Cowell's words may have just lost Pomoy this competition.

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