America's Got Talent's Simon Cowell No Longer Wants To Be Cryogenically Frozen

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America's Got Talent: The Champions has some high quality acts capable of eliciting strong reactions and emotions from the judges and audience. Apparently some acts can even reveal confessions, as Simon Cowell shared a bit of exclusive info in the latest episode after being roasted by young comedian JJ Pantano about his past thoughts on cryonics.

For those out of the loop, Simon Cowell made news over a decade ago (via Daily Mail) for his bold statement that he intended to use cryonics to preserve himself after death in hopes of being resurrected in the future. The young JJ Pantano joked that Cowell's "cold" nature must mean he's started the process, which got a big laugh from everyone. After the boy left the stage, Cowell cleared the air with his fellow judges on his current thoughts on the controversial process and how he's no longer in the business of being frozen after his death.

By the way I don't want to freeze myself anymore. No one told me you have to chop your head off.

According to Simon Cowell, he decided to opt out of the whole cryonics thing once he learned that he'd have to have his head removed from his body post-mortem. With that said, there was potential confusion from the judge on the process, as he and Howie Mandel went around on which part is preserved for the day they're resurrected. Cowell originally said he was out because he'd only get his body back with a new head, while Mandel said it would be the opposite.

Regardless, it seems like Simon Cowell is officially off the cryonics train after learning he'd have to have his body separated in the process. Sadly, that probably means America's Got Talent Season 2100 or the umpteenth reboot of American Idol will have to soldier on without him, though perhaps there will be some other method of bringing back people by whenever Cowell's time comes. Surely some A.I. will be around to replicate Cowell's cold-blooded comments and shoot down the magicians and ventriloquists of the future!

Cryonics has a history of appearing frequently in television and movies, but it's not often the practice is talked about in the real world. Yes, it does exist, and Simon Cowell is not the first celebrity who has expressed interest in it. American baseball legend Ted Williams was cryogenically frozen, as was television actor Dick Clair. If Cowell manages to find a method that keeps his full body intact that he's comfortable with, he may just change his mind about cryonics yet again.

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