FBI Definitely Needs To Be Renewed For Season 3 After Chicago P.D. Crossover

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Spoilers ahead for the Season 2 finale of FBI on CBS, called "Emotional Rescue."

FBI came to a premature in Season 2 due to the production halt from the coronavirus, but it still managed to end the season with a standout episode. "Emotional Rescue" delivered the first-ever crossover between the Dick Wolf shows on CBS and the Dick Wolf shows on NBC thanks to Tracy Spiridakos crossing over from Chicago P.D. as Detective Hailey Upton. The episode delivered a compelling case, posed some questions, and proved again why it deserves a spot in primetime. FBI definitely needs that Season 3 renewal.

Unlike the Dick Wolf shows over on NBC, FBI (and spinoff FBI: Most Wanted) did not receive an early renewal for multiple seasons, so the Season 2 finale hit the airwaves without any guarantee of a Season 3 premiere. So, why did "Emotional Rescue" prove to me that FBI needs that Season 3, when it wasn't technically produced as a finale?

Well, first and foremost, "Emotional Rescue" ended FBI Season 2 without bringing back Maggie or even dropping any new details about what's going on with Maggie. OA did bring her up to Hailey when she reminded him of his regular partner, and he clearly wasn't happy about not getting to know anything about her undercover assignment with no way to reach her. While he and Hailey bonded, neither got to be with their regular partner. Would it really be right if FBI ended for good without bringing back Maggie?

"Emotional Rescue" also opened the door to crossovers between the Dick Wolf shows on two different networks for the first time, and it would be a shame to have that door closed so soon, especially since there's no guarantee about FBI: Most Wanted scoring a renewal either. Hailey fit into the action as OA's partner without taking over the episode, which proves to me that future crossovers and connections can work on both networks. Everybody got a moment in "Emotional Rescue," and it was a solid combination of drama and procedural.

For as much as I enjoyed this episode of FBI, however, it just didn't feel like a season finale. I don't require a cliffhanger to be satisfied with the end of a season and this was actually one of my favorite episodes of FBI (slightly biased by my enjoyment of Chicago P.D.), but FBI deserves to end its seasons with a bang. Nobody is to blame for FBI's premature ending of Season 2 (and Tracy Spiridakos shared with CinemaBlend that Hailey was supposed to be around longer), but it should get that opportunity for a bang in a third season. FBI also recently concluded its first crossover event with FBI: Most Wanted.

All of this adds up to FBI definitely needing to be renewed for Season 3 sooner rather than later, in my book. TV fans don't have a lot to look forward to in the coming months, due to a whole lot of shows going into premature hiatus. An early renewal following the Season 2 finale could be just the news they need to head into a break of uncertain length. Come on, CBS!

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