10 Times The Rugrats Babies Almost Died

Tommy And Chuckie Rugrats Nickelodeon

Rugrats was one of the Nickelodeon network's hottest shows, and a prime example of a classic Nicktoon. It's also a prime example of how not to raise your children as Tommy and the gang constantly almost died due to negligence or their own curiosity.

Many who followed the show back in the day know this, but do they remember just how dangerous things got for these kiddos? Here are just some of the more extreme ones from the past. I should note that these are all pre-Baby Dil era because, let's face it, Tommy's little brother killed the vibe. Hopefully, that live-action movie doesn't put its babies in nearly as perilous of situations as the babies have been in the past.

Rugrats Nickelodeon

When Tommy Was Nearly Drowned By A Massive Tidal Wave

Tommy and Chuckie had one mission in "Beach Blanket Babies." That mission was to return Chuckie's sea monkeys to the ocean and their own lives be damned, it was gonna happen. Tommy almost got sucked out to sea during one attempt in which he rode Spike while dragging a cooler towards a killer wave. Spike had the good sense to run away, and gave Tommy the opportunity to see his second birthday.

When Tommy Was Flown Around The Kitchen By A Rogue Drone

Anyone who doubts Stu Pickles' genius tends to forget he made a prototype of a commercially viable drone decades before they appeared on the market. Unfortunately, his hubris almost cost him his first born when the antennae strapped onto Tommy's overalls. A panicked Chuckie then flew Tommy all around the kitchen, over the stove, across a hand mixer, and several feet off the ground. It could've ended bad, but luckily Tommy's First Birthday continued without a hitch.

Rugrats Nickelodeon

When Chuckie And Tommy Were Nearly Mauled By A Vicious Dog

If ever there was evidence the Rugrats' parents don't watch their kids close enough, this is it. "Barbecue Story" featured the whole gang grilling burgers while the kids hung out in their playpen and were basically ignored. Because of that, Tommy accidentally knocked his ball into the yard of a vicious bull dog who very nearly tore Tommy's face off. If it wasn't for Spike intervening and scaring the other dog off, the only thing that would've been served at the barbecue that evening would've been tragedy.

Chuckie Rugrats Nickelodeon

When The Babies Almost Died In Chuckie's Body

"The Inside Story" is one of Rugrats most entertaining episodes, and an homage to the classic sci-fi plot of entering another human's body. The babies shrunk down and went inside Chuckie to retrieve a watermelon seed to prevent him from exploding, only to find out Angelica wanted the exact opposite. The oldest amongst the children was all on board with Chuckie's violent death, until she realized it would mean her death as well. It had the potential to be one of Nickelodeon's darkest episodes yet, though it should be noted the episode is later revealed to be largely part of an elaborate dream Chuckie had.

Rugrats Nickelodeon

When Tommy And Chuckie Got Stuck In Stu's Toy Workshop

Stu Pickles invents toys in his basement and, judging by the fact that Didi doesn't work and they have a sizable home, we can assume he's decent at it. Typically Stu's basement or workshop is off limits, but it's security is only as safe as an infant's ingenuity. Tommy and Chuckie made their way down there and nearly get mangled by Stu's malfunctioning doll-making machine. Luckily, the duo fixed the machine and saved Tommy's father's ass in addition to their own skin.

Throg Rugrats

Tommy And Chuckie Nearly Get Sent Back In Time

"Toy Palace" featured Tommy and Chuckie locked in a toy store and forced to fend for themselves while Chas and Stu drove home oblivious. Honestly, the whole episode is a death trap but the real danger comes when the boys are attacked by Throg, a mechanical ape. A mechanical Reptar is activated which saves the boys in the eleventh hour, and Throg is transported in a time machine to the Revolutionary War. Being sent to a time where modern diapers almost certainly would've been seen as witchcraft would've resulted in a fate worse than death, so thank goodness Reptar intervened.

Rugrats Nickelodeon

Tommy Falls From High Up At A Baseball Stadium

Stu and Grandpa take Tommy to a baseball game in "Baseball," though Tommy isn't nearly as interested in the game as they are. He's on the hunt for a balloon, and in that effort climbed very high up in the stadium in an effort to retrieve it. Because he's a baby with no sense of self-preservation, Tommy switches gears to a baseball at the highest point of the stadium, and is sent plummeting towards the ground at a high speed. A pro athlete put his body on the line in an effort to save Tommy and, for some reason, Stu and Grandpa get a meet and greet with him after for bad parenting.

Tommy Pickles Rugrats

Tommy Nearly Gets Shipped In The Mail

Tommy and Grandpa take a trip to the post office in "special delivery," and surprise, Tommy wandered off and nearly died. Tommy went most of the way through the mail shipping process, which was a dangerous experience. In fact, one scene shows the skeleton of a post man, which seems like Rugrats signaling Tommy was in a life or death situation. Luckily, the bald wonder pulled it off, and all without pants. Seriously, why does no one ever put pants on this kid?

Chuckie Rugrats

When The Babies Got Trapped During Reptar On Ice

As any ice-skating enthusiast may tell you, it can be a dangerous sport. Any person getting out on the ice is at risk of injury, especially babies with little to no coordination. Yet that's exactly what happens during "Reptar On Ice" and the kids derail the show when they travel out on the ice to give Reptar his baby. They could've easily suffered traumatic brain injuries with a simple slip, and the guy playing Reptar is basically the only person outraged by the episode's end.

Rugrats Nickelodeon

When Tommy Had A Fever So High He Hallucinated

Angelica is, objectively speaking, a garbage individual. This was seen many times throughout Rugrats, but particularly when she spent the night at Tommy's in "Slumber Party." Angry that she had to sleep in a baby's room, Angelica threw open a window to let the baby stank out. Tommy got cold but Angelica didn't care and went back to bed. Tommy ended up getting a fever so high he hallucinated his parents were actual celestial bodies, and yet no one took him to the hospital. It's sheer insanity, though not out of line with Stu and Didi's typical parenting skills.

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