The Masked Singer Fans Loved Guest Judge Sharon Osbourne, But Should She Become Permanent?

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Spoilers ahead for the April 22 episode of The Masked Singer on Fox.

The Masked Singer continued its trend of guest judges by bringing in Sharon Osbourne to lend her expertise. As the mother of last season's Ladybug, Osbourne brought a unique perspective to the judges' table, and she immediately figured out the man behind the banana mask. She was positive right off the bat that Banana was none other than Poison's Bret Michaels, and the episode unmasking -- or unpeeling? -- proved that she got it right.

In fact, Sharon Osbourne was so confident that the Banana was her longtime friend Bret Michaels that she seemingly swayed most of the other judges to believing he was the man under the peel, although Ken Jeong held out with his unlikely guess of Brad Paisley.

When the Banana, who was voted out despite a touching rendition of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door," removed his mask and revealed his identity, Sharon Osbourne was thrilled but unsurprised. She identified him due to his voice, his dance moves, and their 30+ years of knowing each other. Osbourne proved to be a great fit for The Masked Singer, but should she join the show on a permanent basis?

Some fans certainly think so, and they hit social media to share their feelings.

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While viewers watching from home landed on Bret Williams as the probable man doubling as a singing banana pretty quickly, the judges weren't quite as quick on the uptake... until Sharon Osbourne.

That said, the judges don't get to draw on the communal wisdom of Twitter for inspiration, but Sharon Osbourne's quick guess earned her some supporters.

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Breaking out a Bret Michaels gif was really an ideal way to express both frustration that the judges weren't all aboard the Bret Michaels train from the beginning and giving Sharon Osbourne props for her quick guess.

Sharon Osbourne also contributed to the banter of the judges' table, which could make her a fit for the show on more of an ongoing basis.

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Well, Sharon Osbourne apparently has that person's vote for the next season of Masked Singer! Of course, voting from home hasn't been a factor on The Masked Singer throughout the first three seasons, so fans probably don't have a huge say in who sits at the judges' table.

Still, there are already some people theorizing that Sharon Osbourne is destined for a seat at the table:

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The consensus seems to be that Sharon Osbourne nailed her episode of The Masked Singer, which was probably especially welcome to all those fans who were pissed off by last week's sing-along. If she was able to work so well as a judge this time, why wouldn't she be a good fit for a judge position full-time?

It's worth considering that Sharon Osbourne had a bit of an unfair advantage with this episode of The Masked Singer. She has known Bret Michaels for decades and showed no uncertainty that it could be anybody else beneath the Banana mask. If the Banana had been somebody she knew less well or didn't know at all, would Sharon Osbourne have been any more accurate than Ken Jeong?

Of course, Ken Jeong is hilarious on The Masked Singer, so double the humor wouldn't be a bad thing, even if that could mean double the guesses that aren't always on the money. There's also the point that judges' votes on The Masked Singer aren't game-changers the way that judges' votes are on America's Got Talent, so it's not really necessary for The Masked Singer to keep an even number of judges, and there is already space for that fifth chair.

So, should Sharon Osbourne join The Masked Singer on a permanent basis when it returns for Season 4? Be sure to weigh in our poll below about whether or not she'd be a good fit, and check out our summer TV finale schedule for when The Masked Singer and more will wrap for the 2019-2020 TV season. New episodes of The Masked Singer Season 3 continue to air on Fox Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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