The Masked Singer Spoilers: The Latest Shocking Reveal Was Too Much For Triumph The Insult Comic Dog

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer episode "Triumph Over Masks." Read at your own risk!

The Masked Singer Season 2 is still going strong, and another new episode meant it was time for another costumed competitor to get voted off the series. This week, the Ladybug's luck finally ran out and she found herself alone on stage as the judges made their final guesses. The judges and guest judge Triumph the Insult Comic Dog were pretty dead set on Lindsay Lohan, but it was actually someone who may be as edgy, though not in the same way.

For those who thought the judges were way off and the Ladybug was from the south, well, wrong again. The Ladybug was unmasked and after some pulling on the dome it turns out Kelly Osbourne was the person underneath the mask this whole time.

The googly eyes on Triumph weren't far off from how the rest of the judges felt, as they couldn't believe Kelly Osbourne was the person under the mask this entire time. For starters, she spoke with a southern accent, which kind of threw the judges off of the fact she was actually from England. Prior to the unmasking, Ken Jeong and others were going more for singers like Jaime Lynn Spears and Ashlee Simpson.

Then the famous family and dysfunctional bit came in and Lindsay Lohan worked her way into the picture. These were all solid guesses, and the only real thing that kept them off Osbourne's trail was the fact that the last time her dysfunctional family was really highlighted and in the limelight was back in her reality television days. Since then she's been more of a television personality, and has appeared on everything from The View to Project Runway.

The judges, and maybe some viewers were stumped, but as usual the Twitter group think was hot on the trail of Kelly Osbourne. With that being said, The Masked Singer nation wasn't all convinced on this choice ahead of time, and there was far more dissension and other guesses on who Ladybug was before the unmasking. Beyond the previously mentioned choices, lots of people thought Paris Jackson was a legitimate option, mainly because of the suggestions by judges.

With Ladybug out of The Masked Singer, one has to wonder who will be the next to go. Personally, I think the talent pool is far too high to continue to keep Leopard in the mix, though one can never predict how the audience is going to swing when it comes to the vote.

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