Blue Bloods Actor Nick Cordero's Wife Gives Update After Leg Amputation, Pacemaker Insertion

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Fans of actor Nick Cordero have been able to keep current with his ongoing health issues thanks to social media and Cordero's wife Amanda Kloots. She has thankfully provided regular and informative updates on the Broadway star and TV actor from Blue Bloods and Law & Order: SVU (to name a few), who had to have his leg amputated after he was initially hospitalized over a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. There were indeed some ups and downs to report on over the weekend, with Kloots revealing that the still-comatose Cordero had to get a temporary pacemaker inserted.

On Friday, Amanda Kloots got word from the medical staff at L.A.'s Cedars Sinai that Nick Cordero would need to undergo a procedure to get a pacemaker temporarily placed in his heart, in order to stop his heart rate from dropping. Here's how Kloots put it in an Instagram story:

It looks like he had some irregular heart beating last night that scared them enough to want to place a pacemaker in Nick's heart. His heart is functioning well but he has had dips in his heart rate for a little while now and this one last night apparently was enough that it requires them to do this procedure to put a temporary pacemaker in his heart, so that any time they move him or need to do some procedures in the future, they don't have to worry about his heart rate dropping again.

It's unclear if the heart issues have anything to do with the reason why Nick Cordero still hasn't come out of his coma just yet. Amanda Kloots revealed recently that the actor was expected to have woken up by now, and there don't seem to be any blatantly obvious signs why he hasn't pulled back around just yet. That said, Kloots also said that there's nothing in Cordero's MRIs or other tests that implied he had reason to remain comatose, which is a good sign.

Amanda Kloots put out another Stories video over the weekend that provided an update on the temporary pacemaker, and she seemed to be in better spirits than when she was first parlaying the pacemaker news. In her words:

He is recovering well and doing really well with the pacemaker, so that’s good. His heart rate has been under control. If everything goes well this weekend — basically if today and tomorrow are nice, easy rest days for him — on Monday they’re gonna put a trach in, take the ventilator out, which will just make him more comfortable, which is really great. And then also, on Tuesday, put a feeding tube in. So that's their plan.

So if everything keeps going uphill for the Tony-nominated Nick Cordero, it's possible that he could get taken off of his ventilator today in order to breathe on his own. While that will no doubt make things more comfortable for Cordero in one way, the feeding tube situation is always a tricky ordeal. Here's hoping even more good news is on the way that limits any amount of discomfort for the actor and wife.

In the midst of her more lengthy updates, Amanda Kloots is keeping the good vibes going with other Instagram updates. But I believe her most recent post is the most noteworthy, as it's a very sweet video of Nick Cordero's former co-stars from the Waitress stage play, with everyone performing Cordero's own song "Live Your Life." Check it out below.

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Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more on Nick Cordero's medical situation as the news becomes available.

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