Blue Bloods Actor Nick Cordero's Wife Says He Should Have Woken From Coma By Now

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Blue Bloods actor and popular TV guest star Nick Cordero has been fighting for his life after a diagnosis with COVID-19, and his wife Amanda Kloots has been providing regular updates on his condition. Her updates have provided a window into the illness as well as what can happen to somebody diagnosed with COVID-19, and she has now shared the latest. According to Kloots, Cordero should have woken from his coma by this point.

Amanda Kloots took to Instagram with news for people who have become invested in Nick Cordero and his condition, saying this (via Daily Mail):

So, and the doctors do think that he should have woken up by now. However, they are saying that he was heavily sedated for 13 days before that. So we are just, you know, hoping and praying everyday that Nick wakes up, and putting that energy and positivity out there because I do believe he will. He's on Nick time and when he wakes up we will all be here to celebrate it.

Originally misdiagnosed with pneumonia, Nick Cordero has gone through a series of treatments and procedures. After a medication resulted in clotting in his leg, Amanda Kloots and the doctors made the difficult decision to amputate while he was comatose. The coma was medically-induced, and Kloots' comments reveal that he was in that medically-induced coma for nearly two weeks.

Despite the disheartening news that doctors think her husband should have woken up by now, Amanda Kloots seems hopeful and determined to keep her spirits up. She went on to share that there is a plan in place for the next stage in Nick Cordero's treatment that could bring him out of his coma:

In the meantime what the doctors are thinking about doing is slowly trying to get him off the ventilator, which would be awesome, and maybe put in a trache to help him be more comfortable, which would be great, and they are slowly reducing his medications and the machines he's on...So as we are waiting for him to wake up, while he is still sleeping, they are slowly weaning his body off of assistance, which is just great, great news. Small little wins.

Even though Nick Cordero hasn't woken from his coma yet, he may soon begin to come off of the machines that have been assisting him. "Little wins" certainly seem worth celebrating, especially considering what Amanda Kloots and her husband have already gone through.

In addition to his work on television, Nick Cordero is an accomplished Broadway performer, with roles in productions like Rock of Ages and Waitress, and a Tony nomination in 2014 for Bullets Over Broadway. Amanda Kloots shared a clip of their wedding dance on Instagram, saying that they will dance again. Take a look:

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Hopefully Amanda Kloots will soon be able to provide an update with good news for her husband. Nick Cordero is only one of many people in his industry to be diagnosed with COVID-19, with actors ranging from Tom Hanks to Idris Elba to Daniel Dae Kim dealing with the complications.

Our thoughts here at CinemaBlend are with Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots as well as their friends, family, and loved ones in this difficult time.

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