Station 19 May Have Dropped A Major Grey's Anatomy Spoiler For DeLuca

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Spoilers ahead for the May 7 episode of Station 19 on ABC, called "Bad Guy."

Only one episode of Station 19 Season 3 is left before the finale that was meant to be one half of a TV event with Grey's Anatomy. Unfortunately, production halts on Grey's Anatomy meant that the parent series wasn't able to film its final episodes of Season 16, including the finale. On the other hand, Station 19 did finish filming Season 3, which has meant the spinoff will be dropping some Grey's Anatomy details that Grey's never got the chance to introduce. Now, "Bad Guy" may have dropped a big Andrew DeLuca spoiler.

At the end of DeLuca's story in what turned out to be the Grey's Anatomy Season 16 finale, DeLuca broke down in tears while sitting on the floor at Grey Sloan, saying he didn't "know what's going on." It was a marked shift from his behavior when he was fighting to save Richard's life, but the latest in a series of troubling signs. Between putting himself in danger and scaring patients by lashing out, something has definitely been going on with DeLuca, and a guest appearance from Stefania Spampinato as Carina DeLuca on Station 19 may have revealed the answer.

DeLuca's sister, who has been in a relationship with Station 19's Maya, was trying to get through to Maya about complicated relationships with fathers. Carina said this:

You know my dad has Bipolar 1. And my sweet baby brother has inherited it.

On Grey's Anatomy, Carina and Meredith have been concerned that DeLuca's acting out has been mania due to bipolar disorder. Carina and Andrew's father operated while manic, resulting in the deaths of four people. Between their concern as doctors and the DeLuca family history, it seemed like Grey's was leading to an official diagnosis for DeLuca.

Did Station 19 just reveal that DeLuca will indeed be diagnosed on his own show, and Carina's line on Station 19 is more than just guesswork based on her own observations? Carina is an OB/GYN who presumably wouldn't start definitively talking about her brother having inherited something without a medical diagnosis, although it's worth noting that she was trying to make a point to Maya with this line of conversation.

There's enough wiggle room here that I think Grey's Anatomy could get away with telling DeLuca's diagnosis story in Season 17 without having to bail on a major plot just because Station 19 outpaced the parent series. Still, I for one take this as confirmation that Grey's Anatomy would have confirmed DeLuca's condition as Bipolar 1 if not for the shortened season, making Carina's line on Station 19 an unavoidable spoiler.

At this point, I'm wondering if there will be more reveals on the DeLuca front in the Station 19 Season 3 finale or even an appearance from Giacomo Gianniotti. Since Station 19 was to have opened the finale event with Grey's Anatomy, the episode will likely be crawling with characters from both shows.

The Station 19 finale is called "Louder Than A Bomb," and four Grey's Anatomy actors are confirmed via the episode description to be appearing: Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Caterina Scorsone as Amelia Shepherd, Kim Raver as Teddy Altman, and Stefania Spampinato as Carina DeLuca.

That said, episode images also confirm that Chandra Wilson and Jake Borelli will appear in the episode as Miranda Bailey and Jake Borelli as Miranda Bailey and Levi Schmitt, respectively. Just because Giacomo Gianniotti isn't mentioned doesn't mean he won't appear!

See if any more DeLuca bombshells are dropped as Grey's Anatomy spoilers when the Station 19 Season 3 finale airs on Thursday, May 14 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. It was arguably pretty messed up earlier in the 2019-2020 TV season when Grey's Anatomy explained a Station 19 death, but that was before the production halts changed everything!

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