Duggar Husband Admits He Snooped On Wife's Phone For Sweet Surprise

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The Duggar family often puts a lot of time and effort into celebrations, announcements and even family moments like gender reveals. So, it should come as no surprise that recently Duggar husband Josiah created a sweep surprise for his wife Lauren on the occasion of her 21st birthday. Only he also admitted he had to snoop around on his wife’s phone to make the event special.

Here’s what happened. Over the weekend, Josiah Duggar shared a sweet post to the Instagram account he and his wife share, explaining he created a picnic for Lauren Duggar as a surprise, explaining he’s so “grateful” for his partner in life.

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Lauren herself shared a reaction to the surprise, noting Josiah was pulling “pillows” and more out of the car at the time the Instagram story was being recorded. The couple later revealed that Josiah had made her a home-cooked meal and more so that they could still share a special day, replete with a picnic – even during an era of social distancing. The two met up on her birthday in the Cross Church parking lot, where the video was filmed and the snooping was admitted by the guilty party.

So, how exactly did he know what Lauren wanted for her birthday? The Counting On star openly admitted he went through his wife’s phone to figure out what she was most interested in! He said:

This is how I figure you do it — you get on your spouse’s phone and you find their Pinterest board, and you see what they like. And then you just kinda do something to make them feel special.

I don’t know what percentage of spouses would be willing to admit they’ve snooped around on their partner’s phones, but I am willing to guess the number who would admit it is probably lower than the number who have actually snooped. Still, if there were ever a reason to plug in your partner’s password to unlock their phone or computer and look around, this one’s at least much sweeter than alternate outcomes.

And if my husband’s reading this – I always keep stuff I’m interested in bookmarked on my computer, sweetie, and not my phone.

Meanwhile, here’s wishing Lauren a Happy 21st Birthday. Though their adventure sounds atypical for what we traditional think of 21st birthdays as being, it sounds like it was fantastic day for the couple, who have been through a bit of a whirlwind since getting married in 2018. They’ve formerly been open about suffering through a miscarriage and lately have been busy raising their little one, Bella, who is a little over six months old and seems like an adorable handful. Given current circumstances, it's nice they were able to spend time together, even if Josiah had to snoop around to come up with the idea.

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