America's Got Talent Viewers Embrace Twinsanity After Elderly Women Steal Show

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for America's Got Talent's Season 15 premiere. Read at your own risk!

So much takes place on the stage of America's Got Talent that it's really saying something if anything other than the acts catch the attention of viewers. And yet, viewers were embracing the twinsanity all night long as two elderly twins kept appearing in the crowd shots and living their best life while watching the acts.

Fun and merriment is expected in the America's Got Talent crowd shots, but it seems the fact that these two ladies were twins made their reactions a little more noticeable. Little by little, reactions from Twitter began to flood in noticing these ladies, and thinking they're pretty much the best thing about the Season 15 premiere.

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Their reactions were on point, though that may have been only noticeable because America's Got Talent kept going to them throughout the night. It happened so often some wondered if these women were famous, and viewers were supposed to know who they were on sight alone.

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The last bit may be a slight exaggeration, but it did seem like these two ladies were just as important as Simon Cowell or Sofia Vergara. For the record, that would've been fine for some watching, and if America's Got Talent is looking to shake up its judge lineup again maybe they should give these two a call.

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Eventually another set of twins appeared in the America's Got Talent premiere: singing sisters Double Dragon. This meant there needed to be a nickname for the twins in the audience, and some viewers seemed to believe comparing them to Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a better descriptor than calling them old.

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The Double Dragon twins and RBG twins did have a run-in of sorts during America's Got Talent, though not directly. The Peruvian sisters brought a fan section with them to the taping who were exceptionally loud. As luck would have it, their fan section was directly behind the RBG twins, who were growing increasingly tired of the noise and having their hair mussed by the waving flag behind them.

Unfortunately, their mild discomfort went unnoticed by the cheering fans. As sad as that may be, I daresay it made the whole segment for the Double Dragons better as the RBG twins tried to subtly express their displeasure about having people behind them in the video below.

These ladies are basically celebrities, which is super disappointing considering they may be gone in the next episode of America's Got Talent. I can personally say I'd love to see them again if NBC can track them down and get their story, though I'm content if this is just another bizarre moment of AGT that lives on in the show's long and sometimes weird history.

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