After Ruby Rose's Exit, 3 Badass Actresses Are Throwing Their Names In The Hat To Play Batwoman

Ruby Rose as Kate Kane/Batwoman on Batwoman (2019)

Last week, the Arrowverse was rocked with the news that Batwoman star Ruby Rose would be departing the title role after only one season. This leaves the superhero show in a tricky situation, as the producers must now recast the role before production begins on Season 2. Despite this, the creatives are trying to look on the bright side, and there may now be even more cause for positivity. A number of actresses have been voicing their interest in taking over the role, and three big stars have joined them in throwing their hats in the ring.

Wallis Day, who many some DC fans likely know for playing Superman’s grandmother Nyssa-Vex on Krypton, appears to be open to playing Batwoman. The actress took to social media to express her thanks to those who have been fancasting her in the role. Although she didn’t explicitly confirm that she’s pursuing the role, she certainly didn’t shoot down the idea:

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz is another fan-favorite to take over the role of Kate Kane. Beatriz, like Day, is well aware that fans would like to see her play the bat, and she replied to the buzz with a simple and cheeky message:

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Though Wallis Day and Stephanie Beatriz were somewhat coy in terms of whether or not they will actually pursue the part, The Magicians star Jade Tailor was completely open about her desire to join the Arrowverse. She even touted her fighting skills with a behind-the-scenes clip:

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Since posting her original tweet, which she currently has pinned at the top of her page, Tailor has also retweeted articles that have fancasted her in the role. So far, she’s definitely been the most direct when it comes to donning the cape and cowl.

To say that Ruby Rose’s Batwoman has sent waves through Hollywood would be an understatement. Even Billy Eichner is (or isn’t) joking about taking on the role.

One thing that can be said is that each actress is capable of portraying the superheroine. Both Wallis Day and Jade Tailor have experience within genre television, which would prepare them for the more heightened elements of Batwoman. Although Stephanie Beatriz hasn’t worked too much within sci-fi or fantasy, her work on Brooklyn Nine-Nine has allowed her to utilize a bit of physically from time to time, which would serve her well as Kate Kane. And of course, all have strong acting abilities.

There’s no telling when The CW and Batwoman teams will announce a replacement for Ruby Rose. Casting can take time, especially when it comes to lead actors and, given the world’s current crisis, auditioning could be somewhat tricky. Regardless, the producers should feel comforted knowing that so many people have taken an interest in becoming the new lead, and it’ll be interesting to see if any of them are considered.

Batwoman is set to return to The CW for its second season in early 2021.

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