Ultimate Tag Just Had Its First Perfect Final Run, And Wow

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Ultimate Tag episode "Breaking All Records." Read at your own risk!

Ultimate Tag just had what may be its greatest final run of this season, maybe even of all time. Something really special happened on the strange but addictive Fox show as one competitor completed the final obstacle course without being tagged by any competitor and hit the plunger for a time that is flat out unbelievable.

And yet, there's video evidence that Thomas Coppola did exactly that. The Vancouver resident made short work of Ultimate Tag's final challenge, and almost made the professional taggers look like they were standing still in this phenomenal video. Take a look!

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Not only did Thomas Coppola glide through that first part of the first obstacle course, he actually legitimized the use of a second tagger in the final round in my eyes. I had only just written about how the second tagger is impossible to avoid, only for Thomas to make me eat crow as he flew past "The Horse" before the tagger even knew what hit him. It turns out if you can reach the mountain before the tagger makes their way down, you stand a good chance of getting away.

For anyone who hasn't watched Ultimate Tag the past few weeks, Thomas Coppola's time of 27 seconds is phenomenal compared to what I've seen so far. Most impressive times so far have averaged around the 48-50 second mark, and I'd be lying if I said that I expected any competitor to get a sub 30 second time in the final round. It certainly helped that Coppola avoided both pro taggers, which saved him a total 10 second penalty to his final time.

The course was seemingly all too easy for Thomas Coppola, who is a parkour teacher for children outside of Ultimate Tag. Coppola said the $10,000 prize money was going back into his school, which may train the future competitors of Ultimate Tag if the Fox series makes it to Season 2 and beyond. Who knows, maybe one of them will even beat this incredible time!

I'm very skeptical anyone will for a while though, because I haven't seen anyone as skilled as Thomas Coppola on the final course. The fact that he was able to stay almost entirely off the ground during the first leg was astonishing, and one slip could've jeopardized his entire run or even resulted in injury. He killed it, and if there's a job for him on Ultimate Tag as a future pro tagger, I'd love to see it happen.

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