Ultimate Tag Viewers Question Whether Iron Giantess Is Up To The Challenge After Latest Episode

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Ultimate Tag episode "Real Men Do Cry." Read at your own risk!

Ultimate Tag brought another action-packed episode to viewers at home this week, yet there were some who questioned whether everyone really came to play. Disgruntled viewers took to social media with beef against the Iron Giantess, who they believed wasn't up to the task of being the professional tagger her colleagues are.

The doubt first started rolling in during the first challenge, in which Iron Giantess (real name Laura Micetich) appeared to hurt herself while hurdling over an obstacle. Her running decreased to a jog, and after a period of trying to tough it out, she ultimately tapped out of the challenge and called for a substitute pro to take her place.

Some understood that Iron Giantess was better off waiting on the sidelines after hurting herself, but others didn't like that the Ultimate Tag star gave up so quickly. She's branded as one of the toughest of Ultimate Tag, and with that title comes some expectation. Mainly, that someone called Iron Giantess wouldn't tap out, and should suffer consequences for making others pick up the slack.

Granted, a few of these takes may have been viewers hyped up by the intensity of Ultimate Tag. The good news is that Iron Giantess recovered enough to get back into the competition later in the episode, though one could argue that she was still feeling the strain of her injury. Iron Giantess had a noticeable lag in her step, and didn't pose much of a threat to the competitors trying to avoid her.

Ultimate Tag's second episode certainly wasn't the best showing for Iron Giantess, though that didn't break her spirit all that much. Giantess continued to intimidate competitors, and while that seemed to work on those who the aggression was directed at, viewers had trouble buying in to the insults.

Personally, I do think it's fair to say that, based on the first two episodes of Ultimate Tag, Iron Giantess is one of the least skilled pro taggers. Having said that, she's out there with pro parkour runners, and people that do sideways flips while grabbing flags with little to no effort. Bottom line, Iron Giantess may be much better than this recent episode, even if viewers may be ready to wash their hands of her.

It's really easy to judge outside of the arena, but after watching competitors slip and slam their face into objects in these first two episodes of Ultimate Tag, I think everyone should get the benefit of the doubt. Especially when a show this fun exists, it's best just to relax, and maybe not take things quite so seriously when watching.

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