The 100: What Clarke's Reaction To The Bellamy Twist Could Mean For The Rest Of Season 7

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Spoilers ahead for Episode 7 of The 100 Season 7, called "The Queen's Gambit."

The 100 took a big step toward tying its stories together in "The Queen's Gambit" when Clarke and her group of would-be rescuers finally arrived on Bardo in search of Bellamy, Octavia, and Echo. Unfortunately, they were greeted with the news that only Octavia and Echo were being held on Bardo. Gabriel dropped the bombshell on Clarke that Bellamy is dead. Clarke's reaction to the devastating news (that may or may not be accurate) was understated, and "The Queen's Gambit" director Lindsey Morgan shared some details that suggest what could be coming in the rest of Season 7.

Lindsey Morgan, who also plays Raven on The 100, spoke with TV Guide about the episode and Clarke learning about Bellamy's death. According to Morgan, her original vision for Clarke's reaction was of devastation and dropping to her knees, until showrunner Jason Rothenberg said that the reaction should actually be "pure shock." Morgan then shared a reason why fans might not need to be too troubled by Clarke's lack of an extreme reaction:

And also, in true The 100 fashion, no one knows if it's true. Of course Gabriel (Chuku Modu) tells them, but Gabriel is one of them now. Gabriel is in all white, he has tattoos on his face. Who knows if he was turned? So I really love that we're in this grey area that, of course we're devastated, but we're also in shock. Also, you just don't know what to believe or if it's true even. And then we cut out! So you're like, 'What's gonna happen next?!' When I read it, I was shocked. I am curious to see the fans' reaction, but also it's The 100, so it's never going to be what you think.

"The Queen's Gambit" only gave Clarke and Co. a few moments to react on-screen to news of Bellamy's death before switching over to Anders waking the Shepherd and revealing that he's none other than Bill Cadogan. Clarke didn't really have time to process what Gabriel told her, and an understated reaction makes sense when she doesn't even know if Gabriel is telling the truth and she hasn't seen proof of Bellamy's death with her own eyes. Moving forward in Season 7, Clarke could very well put energy into figuring out what really happened to Bellamy.

While many fans (myself included) have their doubts that Bellamy really was unceremoniously killed off in a death that conveniently vaporized the body and destroyed any "evidence," Octavia and Echo believed his death based on what they saw, and the others seem to be going with that. Clarke hasn't spent five years with Gabriel and doesn't have any huge reasons to trust him when he looks like he's part of the Disciples.

Whether or not Bellamy is dead, there are some big questions that need to be answered, and Clarke's reaction to his "death" leads me to believe that she'll at least try to chase down leads and figure out what happened. That said, she might have more immediate and pressing issues to deal with now that the Disciples know that the "key" has arrived, and Anders woke Bill Cadogan. The 100 really feels like it's building to some big deaths regardless of Bellamy's status.

Find out what happens now that Clarke and Co. know about Bellamy's "death" with new episodes of The 100, airing Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The next episode will be the backdoor pilot to the prequel spinoff, so most of the hour may be spent in the past as opposed to the present. Find out on July 8! For some more viewing options now and in the coming weeks, check out our 2020 summer TV premiere schedule.

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