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Is The 100's Mysterious New Character The Key To Bellamy's Return?

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Light spoilers ahead for the fifth episode of The 100 Season 7, called "Welcome to Bardo."

The final season of The 100 is only getting more complicated as the episodes pass, and the show has barely even dropped clues as to its biggest mystery: where is Bellamy Blake? The male lead of The 100 has been almost entirely absent from Season 7, and viewers haven't had a glimpse of him since early in the premiere. Now, thanks to some details and images for the upcoming "Welcome to Bardo," clues about Bellamy may finally be on the way courtesy of a mysterious new character played by none other than Neal McDonough.

Neal McDonough is a familiar face on The CW thanks to his role as Damien Darhk in the Arrowverse, so fans of The 100 who have dabbled in The CW's superhero shows may be inclined to expect McDonough's 100 character to be a villain. They also might not be too far off, as McDonough will play the mysterious Anders.

The 100 hasn't revealed much about Anders so far, although he has been described as the leader of the Disciples, founded by the the descendants of the Eligius III mission team and based out of the planet Bardo. The Disciples are able to use their advanced technology to control the Anomaly and use the Anomaly Stones, which could be very bad news for the good guys of The 100 after how the previous episode ended. What does this have to do with Bellamy?

Well, after being dragged into the Anomaly in the Season 7 premiere, Bellamy seems most likely to be held on Bardo, presumably by the Disciples. After all, they had to get their information about Clarke from somewhere, and The 100 has teased Bardo as a place where memories can be messed with. With Bellamy presumably on Bardo, the next episode being called "Welcome to Bardo," and Neal McDonough making his debut as Anders, I for one am hoping to finally get some clues about the missing male lead.

Take a look at Neal McDonough as Anders in "Welcome to Bardo" on The 100:

the 100 welcome to bardo anders neal mcdonough the cw

(Image credit: The CW)

Anders is looking very clean and crisp for a character on The 100, and he seems to be somewhere pretty advanced as he examines an Anomaly Stone. I also can't help but get a villainous feel from him, and only partly because of his Arrow and Yellowstone roles that were definitely not heroes (or long for the world). It's probably safe to say that this is happening on Bardo.

Then, there's also the fact that Anders will be interacting with another one of The 100's missing characters, if not Bob Morley's Bellamy. Take a look at Marie Avgeropoulos' Octavia in the mix with Anders:

the 100 welcome to bardo anders octavia the cw

(Image credit: The CW)

I'm guessing that what Anders and Octavia are looking at in this image is the Anomaly Stone from the opposite direction, and I don't think it's much of a risk to state that this is happening on Bardo. The official description of "Welcome to Bardo" courtesy of The CW reveals that "Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) gets to know a whole new world."

The episode is set where Bellamy probably is, features the guy in charge of the Disciples who probably abducted Bellamy, and involves Bellamy's sister who spent ten years on Penance trying to get to her brother. I'm not saying that "Welcome to Bardo" is going to be Bob Morley's return to The 100, but I'd be very surprised if the episode introducing Anders doesn't drop some clues about his whereabouts, or at least what happened to him. Anders could be key.

Find out what Anders does or doesn't have to do with Bellamy on The 100 when "Welcome to Bardo" airs on Wednesday, June 17 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Assuming Anders isn't a one-and-done character in The 100's final season, he may have plenty of clues to yield. For some additional viewing options on the small screen, be sure to check out our 2020 summer TV premiere schedule!

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