The 100 Season 7: Is Raven's 'Saving Grace' Enough To Save Her?

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The 100 is only getting more intense as each week passes in the final season, and Raven Reyes is once more being put through the wringer. Although no character on this show has had an easy life, Raven is still dealing with an injury she sustained at the end of Season 1, on top of torture and trauma and immense pressure. Now that the end of The 100 is nigh, even the most essential characters can be killed off, and I've been especially worried about Raven for weeks. Now, actress Lindsey Morgan has dropped some interesting comments about her character that are definitely worth considering.

Lindsey Morgan directed the episode that will air on July 1, and she spoke with TVLine about Raven's journey over the years of The 100:

She’s been through so much, arguably some of the worst things on the show. She has failed, but she never fully lost her resilience. She has questioned, but she never fully lost her faith in love and in people and in herself. I feel like she was also tested in every way imaginable, but she never lost her heart — and I don’t think anyone would blame her if she had. I always held onto that for Raven. In the end, it’s her saving grace.

Lindsey Morgan said that Raven's "saving grace" is her heart, which she managed not to lose despite everything she's gone through over the past seven seasons so far. As somebody who has had Raven pretty high on my death prediction list ever since she was overcome by guilt after having to make a decision that ended in lost lives, I can see two possible outcomes to Raven keeping her heart and having this "saving grace."

On the one hand, a "saving grace" could quite literally mean that Raven is saved from death and is still alive by the end of the series finale. She seemed to have a bit of a breakthrough in the latest episode regarding her pair of deadly decisions that resulted in a body count in double digits, when she and Clarke talked about living with making those kinds of calls.

If Raven is on her way to emotional recovery from what she did to get the reactor fixed and then to save Clarke and others from the Disciples on Sanctum, then she might not feel so compelled to sacrifice herself, which was my greatest worry for her. Besides, despite the double-digit body count and guilt she felt, Raven is hardly the most deadly character in the history of the series, nor one of those quickest to volunteer for potential fatal missions if it can be helped.

On the other hand, Raven not losing her heart as well as coming to get why Clarke has done all the things that Raven found so terrible over the years could make her even more inclined to sacrifice herself, if she's not essential for any other task at hand. She loves her friends and the family she built around her, and she understands what Clarke has done to protect them now.

Despite the fear that kept her from going into the reactor to do the deadly welding herself, Raven's heart might compel her to give up her life, and "saving grace" might not literally mean her life will be saved and she'll still be alive by the time the final credits roll.

For now, Raven is alive and very much essential thanks to her mastery of the helmet that has allowed Clarke and Co. to go on their rescue mission to try and find Bellamy, Octavia, and Echo. With the amount of tech that seems to be in play on Bardo, she's definitely somebody who needs to be alive and as well as possible. A lot may depend on what their group finds when they arrive on Bardo, assuming that's where they arrive after escaping the icy Nakara in the previous episode.

There is one person we can probably be confident that they won't come across right off the bat on Bardo: Bellamy. Although I still very much doubt that Bob Morley's character is dead for good despite the explosion that seemingly vaporized him and convinced Octavia and Echo that he's gone, my guesses are that he's either on the Bridge (possibly with Gaia and a couple of Disciples who got pulled there with them) or brainwashed to the point that he staged his "death" to trick Octavia.

That likely means Bellamy won't just be hanging around to be easily found whenever Clarke, Raven, and the others actually arrive on Bardo, assuming that they do! Find out what happens next to Raven and the rest with new episodes of The 100, airing Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For more of what you can watch now and in the not-too-distant future, be sure to check out our 2020 summer TV premiere schedule.

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