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The 100 Season 7: What Happened To Bellamy And 6 More Questions After Episode 5

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Spoilers ahead for the fifth episode of The 100 Season 7, called “Welcome to Bardo.”

The 100 finally delivered answers to some major questions about Octavia and the Anomaly that have been lingering since the middle of Season 6, but “Welcome to Bardo” also added some new layers of mystery to the final season. While we do know now how long Octavia was really gone between when she ran into the Anomaly and then came back out again last season as well as how Hope came to have a message embedded into her arm before stabbing Octavia, we have a lot to consider while waiting for what comes next, not the least of which is whether the worst really happened to Bellamy.

Read on for some big questions that needed to be answered after “Welcome to Bardo” in The 100 Season 7!

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What Happened To Bellamy?

“Welcome to Bardo” finally brought Bob Morley back for his first moments of screentime since early in the Season 7 premiere, and it looked an awful lot like Bellamy came back only to be killed off in an explosion so powerful that it vaporized him and his hostage. Since this is The 100, however, there’s probably more Bellamy to come and his “death” wasn’t what it seemed. After all, the Anomaly was open when the grenade exploded in the Anomaly Stone room, and the explosion definitely could have knocked him backward rather than killed him, despite what Octavia believed. That said, he seems to be gone again for the time being, and there’s no confirmation if he’s even alive. So, what happened to him? And was Bellamy wearing a ring that he definitely wasn’t wearing on Sanctum, or did Bob Morley just leave his wedding ring on?

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What’s So Special About Clarke?

This episode proved that the Disciples are even more invested in getting their hands on Clarke than they seemed before. Anders wanted information about Clarke out of Octavia’s memory. He then revealed that he’d had Bellamy brought to Bardo for a reason, and he only agreed to let Bellamy go when Octavia promised to give him what he wanted about Clarke, which suggests that Bellamy was abducted because of his importance to Clarke. She is apparently the “key” to the Disciples winning “the last war,” but why? Is it something physiological, having to do with the various tech that she’s had in her brain, and/or her nightblood? Or is it connected to Clarke’s personality? What makes her the key to the point that major characters like Bellamy and Octavia are seemingly only significant to the bad guys for their connections to her?

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Can Octavia Trust Her Memories?

Octavia seemingly lucked out in landing Levitt as her Disciple handler, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should take her memories at face value. If the Disciples are able to dig through somebody’s memory and pull out images, who’s to say that they can’t implant false ones? Or at least use the information they gained from her to stage false scenes and trick her? There were some things about Bellamy’s “death” scene that don’t track. According to Octavia’s memory, Bellamy arrived on Bardo and managed to overpower three Disciples, hold the conductor at knifepoint, and make demands. Compare that to Bellamy being knocked unconscious and dragged into the Anomaly in the Season 7 premiere, and something is definitely fishy. Can Octavia trust that she saw what she thinks she saw? And did the Disciples do something to Bellamy that they were able to stage his “death” scene?

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Are People Stuck On The Anomaly Bridge?

The Anomaly so far has mostly just been used for people to travel between Bardo, Sanctum, and Penance, but “Welcome to Bardo” dropped some interesting details about the “Bridge.” I previously took "Bridge” to more or less mean “wormhole” for traveling rather than a physical place where people could be trapped, but Levitt revealed that the native Bardoans had come up with a trick for pulling “people back who got stuck in the Bridge.” If we assume that Octavia’s memory of Bellamy on Bardo is genuine, and he obviously didn’t pop back up on Sanctum before Clark and Co. left, might Bellamy have been blasted onto the Bridge and stuck there? And might Gaia be there with a Disciple as well, considering they fell into the Anomaly in the previous episode?

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How Did The Disciples End Up On Bardo And Who Is The Shepherd?

The Disciples are obviously human, and Anders shared in “Welcome to Bardo” that they arrived at the planet long ago because “the Shepherd delivered us with the Stone,” which Gabriel noted means that the Disciples weren’t the descendants of Eligius humans, and there must have been an Anomaly Stone on Earth. Still, who is the Shepherd, and how did they manage to lead people through the Bridge to Bardo before the first nuclear apocalypse? Are Cadogan and Second Dawn from Season 4 involved? If Earth really was lost for good with the second Praimfaya, is the Anomaly Stone there lost for good too? And how does this all tie to the 100 spinoff backdoor pilot that will air in only a few episodes?

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Where Is Diyoza?

Diyoza appeared briefly in “Welcome to Bardo” when she and Octavia arrived and were split up. She yelled for Octavia not to tell their captors anything, and then she was gone. Hope arrived on Bardo on two separate occasions to try and rescue both her mom and Octavia, and she ultimately caved and agreed to turn Octavia back in to Anders in exchange for Diyoza’s life. Still, the episode ended with Hope despairing that she would never find her mother after Echo murdered their only hostage. Where is Diyoza? Is she still alive? Anders seemed to value information on Clarke over pretty much everything else, and Diyoza doesn’t have as much history with Clarke to make her as valuable. Could she be dead, and Hope is in for more heartbreak? Or will she make her escape as well?

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Did Echo Snap?

Thanks to Octavia’s memories being played holographically, Echo saw Bellamy’s “death” on Bardo. While viewers have plenty of reasons to believe he’s still alive, Echo clearly believes that he’s gone, just as Octavia does. Mad with grief, Echo attacked the Disciple who had been in the room with Octavia, although he wasn’t harming her. She didn’t seem to hear Gabriel and Hope when they told her not to kill the man because they needed him as a hostage, and she just went ahead and impaled him with a piece of equipment, then dropped to her knees and screamed. Was this violence in a fit of grief, or did she snap a la Finn back in Season 2? Can she come back from this, whether or not Bellamy is alive?

Find out whether The 100 will deliver answers to these questions and more when new episodes air on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. You can find the first six seasons streaming on Netflix now, and more viewing options for now and the not-too-distant future on our 2020 summer premiere schedule.

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