Why Days Of Our Lives' Kristian Alfonso Wanted To Quit The Show

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Days of Our Lives has experienced its share of on-screen shockers, but leave it to the behind-the-scenes drama to soak up more than a few suds. Ahead of the renewed NBC soap opera resuming filming at the start of September, Kristian Alfonso stunned fans with the news that she had quit the show after starring on it for nearly 40 years. Now, Alfonso is explaining why she decided to exit.

For 37 years, Kristian Alfonso has starred on Days of Our Lives, so imagine the surprise when the soap veteran announced her departure. What made her decide to leave three years shy of putting in 40 years on the show? Alfonso explained the reasons behind her stunning exit, and it had to do with Days of Our Lives making the first move.

Despite being a fan-favorite and one half of one of Days of Our Lives’ most popular pairings (Bo and Hope), the sudser had told Kristian Alfonso they wanted to write her off for four to five months. Their proposed silver lining was that Hope would be paired with a Navy SEAL when she returned. It was the jolt, courtesy of executive producer Ken Corday, that Alfonso needed as she explained to Entertainment Tonight:

And at that moment I thought to myself, you know what, it's time for a change and it was the perfect moment to make that decision. I was taken aback when he said that he and [producer] Albert wanted to take me off camera for four to five months. It was not something that had ever been discussed but that's what it was, and to come back in five to six months, or four to five months – whatever that time frame was – I just thought, you know what, it's time to really write a new chapter. I've had an incredible run there. I've had so many amazing friends and memories. I cannot say enough how I'll miss so many people working there and working with them, but they are in my life and we do socialize, but like I said, I think it's time.

Days of Our Lives’ pitch to say goodbye to Hope for four to five months, now means they are losing her forever. The actress shared that Hope’s last episode will air in October. It is unclear how the soap opera will address Hope’s departure since it was apparently not part of the storyline.

Days of Our Lives fans are the only daytime soap viewers not dealing with the coronavirus leading to no new episodes. Instead, the show is still going strong airing fresh installments due to its notorious lead-time. Of course, news of last year’s hiatus led to fears regarding the show’s future. Since that time, filming has not resumed. When it does, it will do so without Kristian Alfonso.

Since Kristian Alfonso’s departure has been so abrupt, there will not be time for a big sendoff. Many fans will undoubtedly understand Alfonso’s decision after being told she would be off the show for four to five more months.

Days of Our Lives made headlines when it stopped filming last year and eliminated all of its contracts with the cast. The actors have not worked on the show since the soap shuttered production late last year due to its lead-time. With the coronavirus pandemic breaking out, production is set to start back up on September 1.

Losing Kristian Alfonso is a catastrophic loss for Days of Our Lives. I have to say it. What on earth was the show thinking wanting to write her off for nearly half a year? Hope is by far one of the most popular characters in the show’s history, and Alfonso is a cherished part of the cast’s fabric.

Fans will tune in to see her last episode in October, but beyond that is another story. Not to mention, I think that Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods would be beyond saddened by this news. After all, she used her knowledge of Days of Our Lives and Hope’s storyline to get into Harvard!

Watch Hope while you can in new episodes of Days of Our Lives air weekdays at 1 p.m. ET on NBC. The show is airing fresh along with this fall’s premieres.

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