Days Of Our Lives Star Nearly Had Legs Amputated Due To COVID-19

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As one of the stars within Days of Our Lives' large ensemble, Judi Evans is used to dealing with major character drama (especially in the most recent season). But things got quite complicated for the actress behind the scenes in the past couple of months. A horse-riding accident landed her in the hospital with relatively serious injuries, after which point she contracted COVID-19, and nearly had to get both of her legs amputated. Thankfully, she was able to avoid the latter circumstances.

Having been in the hospital for the past several weeks, Judi Evans has apparently been in direct contact with a variety of other patients who were confirmed to have COVID-19. Because of this, she made the request to get tested for the novel coronavirus, and those results came back positive. While not all of Evans' symptoms have been life-threatening, according to USA Today, the actress nearly had to get both of her legs amputated due to blood clots forming in them.

Though not the most common side effect among COVID-19 sufferers, blood clots have indeed been reported in a variety of patients. The most notable of which would be Broadway star and Blue Bloods actor Nick Cordero, whose leg was amputated early on during his COVID-induced coma, though he has since thankfully regained consciousness.

According to Judi Evans' publicist Howie Simon, the hospital didn't take any precautions to shield the actress from the highly contagious virus. In his words:

She contracted COVID-19 while at the local hospital she was at. They did not have her wear masks while being near COVID patients when awaiting x rays and other tests.

Judi Evans is dealing with some of the more mild coronavirus problems such as coughing, fevers, and body aches. For now, she's being kept in the hospital so that her blood clots and her overall oxygen levels can continue being monitored, lest another amputation scare happens. It's not yet known when Evans might be allowed to return home.

Since the news first broke about her unfortunate circumstances in the hospital, Judi Evans has kept up with the reactions going around the Internet. In response to all the kind words, she released a special message for her fans on Facebook, which can be seen below.

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Judi Evans' hospital stay came about after she was injured in while horseback riding in California on May 16. She suffered multiple broken ribs, a broken collarbone, broken vertebrae in her back, and other injuries tied to a fractured leg.

It's unclear whether or not Judi Evans will be returning to Days of Our Lives as Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis in the future. After months of speculation fueled by a flash-forward sequence revealing Adrienne's death, her character was fully killed off back in January as the result of another character's drunk driving. Similar to a situation that went down a few years ago, the future of the soap opera itself was also in jeopardy last year, as it wasn't clear whether or not it would continue after cast members' contracts were cancelled. It did get a renewal for Season 56, but stay tuned to see how long that streak will continue.

Here's hoping Judi Evans experiences a full recovery from both her physical injuries and from her COVID-19 diagnosis. While waiting for updates, check out our 2020 Summer TV premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are on the way.

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