Days Of Our Lives Renewed For Season 56 At NBC After All

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After a flurry of anxiety-inducing news, NBC has given Days of Our Lives fans something to rejoice about ahead of the holidays. The beloved long-running soap opera has been renewed for Season 56! This exciting news comes as fans were recently plunged into a worrisome plot twist regarding the show’s future.

First, the good news! Days of Our Lives has gotten the green-light for Season 56, and the cast has been notified, according to Deadline. A deal is not entirely done yet, however, it is reportedly close. Days of Our Lives should keep living, soap fans! The series recently took a big creative leap by flashing forward a year in its story.

Now that Days of Our Lives has been renewed, fans can feel good knowing they have another season to see the storyline play out. The great news comes not too long after Days of Our Lives celebrated its 54th year on the air. The NBC soap premiered all the way back in November 1965, meaning it will celebrate its 55th anniversary next year.

That would be a huge milestone you would think NBC would not want to miss out on. Unfortunately, fans had to fear it might. Earlier this month, news spread that NBC had eliminated all cast contracts ahead of a production hiatus, and it's this tidbit of info that led to many fearing that Days of Our Lives had been cancelled.

Not too long after, Days of Lives’ cast member Chandler Massey, who plays Will Horton on the series, gave a reassuring update on the soap’s status. In short, Massey assured fans that Days of Our Lives had not been cancelled. The soap opera had run so far ahead of schedule that the show was "pausing production." Massey added that this production break would be used to save money.

It is not the first time that Days of Our Lives fans have had to deal with a cancellation scare. One also hit in 2017 before it, too, was resolved. Through the years, Days of Our Lives has proven it still has more living to do. Good news for a show that is a pop culture touchstone. And, we can look no further than a Reese Witherspoon classic for proof!

In Legally Blonde, Reese Witherspoon’s Elle Woods infamously references plot points from the soap for her college admission video. Why? To prove her ability to “recall hundreds of important details at the drop of a hat.” Her Days of Our Lives knowledge ended up paying off too! She got into Harvard Law School!

Thankfully, Elle will be able to add to her knowledge of the latest plot twists to rock Days of Our Lives. It is quite an accomplishment. To put the daytime drama’s feat into perspective, let us take a look at primetime. Now in Season 16, Grey’s Anatomy just celebrated its 350th episode. Days of Our Lives has produced over 13,700 episodes over 54 years, and counting!

Keep making history! New episodes of Days of Our Lives air weekdays at 1 p.m. ET on NBC. The soap opera is not the only show airing new this winter.

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