Kate McKinnon Totally Broke Character On SNL Last Night And Had The Best Response

Kate McKinnon screenshot from Weekend Update 2020

Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” was pretty heavily about Donald Trump and the President’s decision to leave the hospital while still facing COVID-19. As part of one of the comedy bits, Kate McKinnon got to don a wig, a mustache and some doctor’s gear to play Dr. Wenowdis (pronounced: we-know-dis). The bit got a little goofy halfway through as McKinnon began taking “Weekend Update” host Colin Jost’s blood pressure.

In short, she lost it. I mean I don’t know how you could sing the words “blood pressure” and make a squeaky noise with a medical device without cracking up quite a bit. At one point, however, it becomes clear that Kate McKinnon has totally lost the bit. A somewhat concerned Colin Jost has to ask her, “Are you OK?” Kate McKinnon, still laughing, responds,” I’m obviously not.”

There are some players on Saturday Night Live who are known for cracking up and losing the comedy – see Jimmy Fallon – and others who almost never break character when they are airing live from New York. Still, it’s been a while since I’ve seen someone totally lose the bit completely, but still manage to make it as funny as this moment ended up being for Colin Jost and Kate McKinnon.

Meanwhile, people online obviously had thoughts. Kate McKinnon was trending on Twitter this morning with a lot of people calling out the moment. One called Kate McKinnon cracking “cathartic, to say the least.” Others said the moment was basically “summing up 2020 for all of us.” Still others were happy she broke character, noting it really gives us permission as people to also "laugh at ourselves." Finally, some people just liked the character of Dr. Wenowdis, a Greek physician who smokes a pipe and says things.

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The other part of “Weekend Update,” featuring Colin Jost and Michael Che was also heavy on the COVID-related jokes. One even accidentally tied in with Kate McKinnon cracking onstage. Colin Jost kicked off “Weekend Update” by noting, “This week was Mental Illness Awareness Week. Trust me, we’re aware.” You can check out the full bit with Jost and Che, below.

Saturday Night Live just came back for Season 46 last week in an episode that featured Chris Rock as Host and Megan Thee Stallion as the Musical Guest, a move that Michael Che in particular seemed pretty pumped about before it happened. The big talk of the night was Jim Carrey make his first appearance as Presidential hopeful Joe Biden in a sketch about the debate between Biden and President Donald Trump. There’s more to come, so stay tuned on Saturday nights, only on NBC. Or see what else is heading to TV with our full schedule.

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