Why Blue Bloods Vet Amy Carlson Debuts As A 'Nemesis' On FBI: Most Wanted


A new character is soon to make her FBI: Most Wanted debut, and she'll be a familiar face to CBS crime drama fans. Amy Carlson, known for playing Linda Reagan for seven years on Blue Bloods, will appear as somebody very different in the second season of FBI: Most Wanted. Carlson is playing a bounty hunter by the name of Jackie Ward, and the team might not be thrilled to have her around. In fact, she'll be a "nemesis," according to the Most Wanted boss.

Showrunner David Hudgins shared some details about Season 2 with CinemaBlend ahead of the premiere, and he explained what to expect from Amy Carlson's bounty hunter Jackie Ward on FBI: Most Wanted:

In the real world, the FBI has to deal with bounty hunters probably more than they’d like to. What’s interesting is, they share the same objective - bringing in fugitives - but they don’t play by the same set of rules. Jackie and Jess have crossed paths before. Jackie starts out as a nemesis, an unwanted distraction, but then the team learns to deal with her and turn her to their advantage. It just doesn’t come easily, which is the fun of the story.

The bad news for Jess LaCroix and the rest of the team of FBI: Most Wanted agents is that Jackie will get in their way when it comes to how they do things; the good news is that they have same the same goal of bringing in the bad guys, and she won't serve as a "nemesis" forever. Of course, a lot of her early dynamic with the team may depend on what happened back when Jess crossed paths with Jackie before.

Amy Carlson will make her FBI: Most Wanted debut in the episode that serves as the fall finale of Season 2, called "Deconflict." It will see a woman kidnapped from her home (with a mysterious stash of money that had been hidden under her floor) after she witnessed her husband's murder. The need to find the kidnapper becomes personal when Jess concludes that there is a potential connection to a past case.

How Jackie Ward officially enters the plot remains to be seen, but it may not be a coincidence that a bounty hunter from Jess' past returns to his life in the same episode that involves a case from his past. The promo for "Deconflict" doesn't give much away other than that the team is apparently on the hunt for a "true psychopath." Take a look:

The FBI: Most Wanted team has chased the worst of the worst throughout the first two seasons so far, but chasing a "true psychopath" still doesn't necessarily qualify as business as usual for them. Most Wanted has always been able to get darker than a lot of crime dramas on the airwaves, including FBI and most of the rest of its shared universe that now includes One Chicago and Law & Order: SVU.

Unfortunately, fans are in for a wait following the "Deconflict" episode of FBI: Most Wanted, which serves as the final episode of 2020. The fall finale airs on Tuesday, December 8 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. Viewers can expect the show to return in 2021. For more of what to expect in the new year, be sure to check out our winter and spring premiere schedule!

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