Blue Bloods Star Amy Carlson Is Returning To CBS For Another Crime Drama

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Amy Carlson of Blue Bloods fame is on her way back to CBS, but not to reprise her role as Linda Reagan. The actress is returning to her old CBS stomping grounds for a role in the upcoming new season of the Dick Wolf-produced FBI: Most Wanted, and it won't be a one-off guest shot. FBI: Most Wanted fans should prepare to see plenty of Carlson in Season 2!

The Blue Bloods veteran is coming to FBI: Most Wanted to recur as a character by the name of Jackie Ward, according to Deadline. Jackie is an experienced bounty hunter who plays by her own rules and excels at her job. Described as "a force of nature, profane, witty," Jackie should showcase a different side of Amy Carlson than she played as Linda on Blue Bloods.

Amy Carlson's Jackie has encountered Julian McMahon's Special Agent Jess LaCroix before, but she'll be more of a thorn in LaCroix's team's side than anything else. As a recurring actress, Amy Carlson should get a decent amount of screentime. Of course, joining the cast of FBI: Most Wanted as a recurring character opens Carlson up to potential appearances on many other shows as well.

FBI: Most Wanted is a spinoff of FBI, which is heading into its third season with leading lady Missy Peregrym finally back. Most Wanted is considerably darker than FBI, but the two shows have crossed over since Most Wanted premiered in early 2020.

Notably, One Chicago's Tracy Spiridakos crossed over to CBS from NBC in the spring to play her Chicago P.D. character on FBI, which means that FBI: Most Wanted not only shares a TV universe with FBI, but also Chicago P.D., Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Law & Order: SVU, and even the Law & Order: SVU spinoff that has yet to premiere.

Amy Carlson previously appeared on another Dick Wolf production, with NBC's short-lived Law & Order: Trial by Jury. It should be interesting to see how she gels with the FBI: Most Wanted cast as a newcomer when she's probably best known for Blue Bloods, where she spent seven seasons before Linda Reagan was shockingly killed off in the Season 8 premiere back in 2017. Linda was killed off to accommodate Carlson's desire to move on in her career.

Amy Carlson also isn't the only TV veteran who is joining FBI: Most Wanted for Season 2. Terry O'Quinn, best known for playing John Locke on ABC's Lost, will be playing Jess LaCroix's divorced father Byron. With a big personality and gambling addiction, Byron will arrive at his son's home from New Orleans with a much younger girlfriend. O'Quinn will also recur in Season 2.

Although FBI: Most Wanted has not yet received a premiere date for its second season, production began in New York City this week. If you missed Most Wanted the first time in the spring, you can find the full first season streaming on CBS All Access now. Find out when some of the other biggest shows of the fall (including the Dick Wolf productions on NBC) will hit the airwaves on our 2020 TV premiere schedule.

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