Big Sky: Is Legarski Or Ronald The Biggest Villain After The Latest Episode?

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Warning: spoilers ahead for Episode 4 of Big Sky on ABC, called "Unfinished Business."

Cassie and Jenny continued their investigation into what happened to Cody, Jerrie, Grace, and Danielle on Big Sky in the latest episode of the hit series, but "Unfinished Business" proved that they're going up against some men who have everything to lose if they're caught and will do just about anything to escape the arm of the law. Ronald and Legarski continue to evade capture so far, and the episode shed some more light on just how twisted they are, leaving the question: which one is the worse villain?

After four episodes, viewers have seen both men commit more than a few evil acts on innocent people. So, let's dive into which man is worse following the first four episodes and what we know of the upcoming fifth.

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Is Ronald The Worst?

Big Sky presented Ronald as the big bad of the series as far back as the early trailers that revealed Danielle and Grace being abducted by a truck driver, and Ronald definitely seemed like the worst villain of the series for most of the first episode. Quick to anger, maintaining a seriously unhealthy relationship with his mother, and not the brightest when it comes to thinking out the consequences of his actions, Ronald isn't a man to make an enemy of.

In fact, he poured a bowl of cereal over his mother's head in "Unfinished Business" when she was just talking to him, and the trailer for next week shows him attacking his mom. At the same time, he doesn't seem to want to hurt the girls unless they make him mad and set him off. That said, this episode proved that he can premeditate like a champ when the situation calls for it, as he pursued Legarski's wife and convinced her to go dancing with him, which may be the last thing she does.

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Is Legarski The Worst?

Legarski is clearly the smarter of the two bad guys of Big Sky, and he delivered the most shocking moment of the series to date when he ended the premiere by murdering Ryan Phillippe's Cody Hoyt in cold blood in the front seat of his own pickup. He has spent most of the series so far trying to clean up Ronald's messes, and getting his hands dirtier and dirtier as the situation gets more and more out of control.

This resulted in Legarski killing a fisherman with a bow and arrow before shooting Grace through the leg with two arrows, and "Unfinished Business" ended with Legarski seemingly on the way to murder his wife in their bed with a hammer. He's more unhinged than he was in the beginning now that he has killed, and he has formidable resources thanks to his job. Throw in the fact that Cassie and Jenny suspect him, and he might commit even worse crimes if he feels backed into a corner.

The Verdict On Who Is Worse

While I think it's mostly a matter of opinion at this point as to whether Ronald or Legarski is the worse villain on Big Sky, I'm currently leaning toward Legarski. Ronald actually creeps me out more, although I think that's partially due to him reminding me of a serial killer from an entirely different show. In fact, Ronald talking to Merilee in her store creeped me out more than just about anything on the show so far. That said, it looks like she's about to meet her fate due to a hammer from her husband, not Ronald, and I think Legarski on the whole is a bigger threat.

Legarski is smarter and seemingly more skilled, if the bow and arrow are any indication. "Unfinished Business" showed that he can also be unhinged if he snaps, which makes him all the more dangerous. Throw in the fact that he's in a position of authority, and he's certainly a more significant threat on the whole. He's also physically bigger, and has killed twice so far. Legarski can see the big picture in a way that Ronald doesn't. Ronald creeps me out; I find Legarski actually scarier.

So, who do you think is the worse villain of Big Sky so far? Be sure to weigh in our poll below! The fall finale of Big Sky airs on Tuesday, December 15 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. For when Big Sky and more shows will return in the new year, check out our 2021 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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