Are Big Sky's Kidnapped Characters Doomed After The Latest Episode Twist?


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Spoilers ahead for Episode 3 of Big Sky Season 1 on ABC, called "The Big Rick."

Big Sky got off to an intense start by killing off what originally seemed like the leading man in the series premiere, and now "The Big Rick" delivered a twist that might mean more innocent lives are going to be lost. Grace, Danielle, and Jerrie may have had their fates sealed after an escape attempt took them past the point of no return.

Grace shone in "The Big Rick" as she figured out how they could escape captivity, although only she was ultimately able to get out of the compartment, and she had to resort to breaking through the floor to get away from Ronald. While Danielle and Jerrie could only wait and hope for the best, Grace squeezed her way through channels of water after being nearly buried by a collapse.

And she kept on fighting for freedom, powering through dehydration and pain and the loss of her shoes as she traveled through the middle of nowhere, Montana. She even found a fisherman who was willing to help get her away. Unfortunately, she wasn't the only one who found the fisherman, and the kind man was killed with a bow and arrow fired by her pursuer for his troubles.

Grace herself was shot through the leg with two arrows after she used a fish hook as a weapon and kept trying to get away from her pursuer. She put everything she had into escaping, and she kept going through the pain of the first arrow, but two were too many, and she was carried back to captivity after the body of the fisherman was disposed of.

Obviously, all of this was bad, but the simple chase and recapture of Grace aren't what lead me to think that Grace and the other two young women could be doomed. The twist of the week that has me nervous for them was that Ronald wasn't the one who chased Grace down, killed the fisherman, or dropped Grace back into the compartment where Danielle and Jerrie were waiting. It was Legarski.

Legarski was wearing his Montana highway patrol uniform, and in fact was almost able to convince Grace that he was trying to help her before she followed her instincts and stuck a fishhook in his face. (Way to go, Grace!) Danielle and Jerrie assumed that he was there to rescue them until he threw Grace back into the compartment with them. All three young women got a good look at his face, and thanks to Grace sharing what happened, all three know that he killed a man.

The goal had never been to kill any of them, even though Ronald taking the sisters was a big mistake that landed him in hot water with Legarski. If the bad guys can't or won't traffic Grace, Danielle, and/or Jerrie, then I'm afraid that they'll come to the conclusion that the three will have to be killed because they've seen too much. Legarski is all about his pension, after all, and Cassie and Jenny are already suspicious of him.

All of this said, I'm not sure I can see Big Sky (which has already faced some backlash) killing off the two teenage girls. I'm more worried about Jerrie at this point, although Grace has some nasty wounds from the two arrows that were fired through her thigh. Even if Ronald does for some reason decide to give some medical supplies to the girls, none of them are exactly professionals.

In fact, I would put money on Grace as the most likely to know her way around a first aid kit, but she might not be up to trying to deal with her own bloody wounds. See what happens for the kidnapped women with new episodes of Big Sky on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. For what you can watch in the new year, check out our 2021 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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