How Wolf Blitzer Feels About Beck Bennett's Saturday Night Live Impression

Beck Bennett As Wolf Blitzer Saturday Night Live NBC

Saturday Night Live has thrived on its political sketches for a long time now, and it's hard to find a prominent figure tangentially tied to the U.S. government that hasn't been parodied by the sketch comedy show. This is also true for the major news outlets that cover said politics, such as the folks at CNN like Anderson Cooper and 30-year veteran Wolf Blitzer.

Even though viewers very often watch Saturday Night Live sending up politicians and news journalists, it's a rare treat for fans to hear how those subjects feel about the way they were portrayed. On that note, Wolf Blitzer broke his silence about what he thinks of Beck Bennett impersonating him on the NBC mainstay, and apparently, Blitzer's a fan.

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Wolf Blitzer had some glowing praise for Beck Bennett, saying he's "very solid" in comparison to those who have played the role in the past. Bennett is only the latest to portray Blitzer on television and shares that past castmembers like Chris Parnell, Jason Sudeikis, Darrell Hammond, and Jon Rudnitsky. Very solid doesn't exactly put Beck Bennett as the definitive best in that lineup, but I'd say that distinction lands Bennett in at least the Top 3, and that's a good place to be.

With that being said, Wolf Blitzer clearly didn't give any definitive ranking with his shout-out, and Saturday Night Live viewers would be hard-pressed to find one. For example, Wolf Blitzer mentioned Beck Bennett's portrayal back in early November, but with a very politically reserved response that did not tip his hand on where he stood on the most current impression.

Over the years I must say SNL has had a series of Wolf Blitzers on the show, all in very good fun. And I must say over these many years I have enjoyed all of them.

At least Wolf Blitzer is now a confirmed fan of Beck Bennett's portrayal, which skews both cartoonish and on-the-nose when it comes to Saturday Night Live. The same is largely true for many others who get parodied on the sketch comedy, though occasionally there are some who display hurt feelings over how Lorne Michaels and his cast choose to represent them. A notable example of that would be President Donald Trump, whose feud with the program during his Presidency was believed to play a factor in its ratings.

In short, it's of course a good thing that Wolf Blitzer is a fan of his portrayal, since not even the President of the United States can keep the NBC sketch comedy from dishing out its satire. Plus, one can do a lot worse than Beck Bennett when it comes to parody, as he definitely brings a dash of realism to Blitzer's character, unlike more cartoony portrayals from the past like Jason Sudeikis' take.

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