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How The Mandalorian's Pedro Pascal Felt About Mando And Baby Yoda's Emotional Finale Moment

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Pedro Pascal won't be back in the saddle on The Mandalorian any time too soon, but that may be for the best as audiences continue to wrestle with the insane twist at the end of Season 2. The ending of the season not only brought about the appearance of Star Wars hero Luke Skywalker but also finally separated Baby Yoda from Din Djarin after we'd seen the two go through so much.

Din is a character of few words, especially when they involve emotion, but there's no denying the sad feelings between him and Grogu when they had to go their separate ways. Pedro Pascal recently spoke to IndieWire about the emotional finale moment and what he thought of the scene with The Child touching his maskless friend's face before heading off for Jedi training.

At that point, I knew what it would mean for everyone to experience that kind of threshold between the character and the child. We follow this story for two seasons; there’s this bond that grows between the two of them. He tries to not let himself soften, but he cannot help himself. This practical story logic brought something else about that moment, what it would mean to touch his face.

The Mandalorian fans may have suspected it would be hard for Din Djarin to say goodbye to Grogu. However, there's no denying that seeing the sadness on The Mandalorian's face really brought some added emotion to the scene. As Pedro Pascal noted, the scene gained some additional weight with Grogu touching Din's face after getting permission to go with Luke.

The Mandalorian Season 3 is on hold for now, as the spinoff The Book of Boba Fett is on tap for December 2021. With that said, it has been stated that Din Djarin can and may appear in any of the many upcoming spinoffs for Star Wars. Unfortunately, we don't definitively know when we'll see him again, or Grogu for that matter. Pedro Pascal did confirm he is aware of the plans and where and when Din may spring up in the coming years, but as one would expect, he's not allowed to share details.

When Din Djarin does return to Star Wars television, it will be interesting to see how his character has grown since that key Season 2 moment. Season 2 of The Mandalorian showed the bounty hunter slowly shed many of the characteristics of his coven that we saw were such a part of his character in Season 1.

This evolved to the point that he was willing to go fully unmasked in a room full of people when he said goodbye to Grogu, which is quite a jump from where he almost let himself die rather than take it off in Season 1. The scene is certainly emotional for Baby Yoda and Mando's relationship, and it's also a great show of change in Din's character.

Fans of The Mandalorian, how do you think the Season 2 finale will shape Din Djarin down the road? Share your thoughts down in the comments, and stream The Mandalorian and other Star Wars content on Disney+.

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