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ABC’s Big Sky Has ‘New Villains’ On The Way Despite Winter Finale Cliffhanger

Big Sky 2020 cliffhanger ABC

ABC’s Big Sky has been a freshman drama that has already found its way into the hearts (and living rooms) of many people. Featuring an excellent cast and a gripping premise --with a few shocks right out of the gate--it’s no surprise the ABC drama has been a winner and now that it’s heading into the back half of Season 2 it seems there may be some more twists and turns in store, according to star Jesse James Keitel.

The star plays Jerrie Kennedy on the newcomer drama, one of the three young women taken by the show’s two insidious villains so far in Season 1. Now I’m about to get into spoiler territory, so if you aren’t caught up, you have been forewarned. During the show’s big winter finale, Big Sky’s Jerrie, Grace and Danielle were saved from the clutches of John Carroll Lynch’s Rick Legarski. Though Cassie Dewell ultimately shot Rick, the show's other main villain and his partner Ronald was still a man on the loose, effectively ending the show before its break on a cliffhanger. Now, we know it won't be the only plot the show dives into in Season 1B.

According to Jesse James Keitel, we have not seen the last of Ronald, who is apparently “more unpredictable” in the second half of Season 1, becoming a “loose cannon” and following the girls around after their great escape. He’s still a threat, yet the show is also going to start bringing in new storylines in Big Sky as well. That means some new villains are on the way, as Keitel teased to EW:

It's going to be a different show. There are going to be new villains; some high-octane, heart-pounding, action-packed moments; and some nuanced, emotional unpacking.

If you know anything about Big Sky’s background, you may know the series is based on a series of books about Cassie Dewell, who is played by Kylie Bunbury on the series. There are multiple books in the series the show could pull from or go in some totally different directions over time. So, we’ll have to wait and see where the show will be heading for the second half of its first season.

Then there's the question of whether all of the books will eventually play out. Big Sky has not been renewed yet, though it's worth pointing out the fact that ABC gave the show additional episodes when it didn’t need to is a hopeful sign. For Jessie James Keitel, just getting out of that trailer has been a blessing. (While the singing and bonding the girls were doing in the trailer was touching, I’m not sure how much longer I could have taken those scenes either).

Let me tell you, that trailer was so painful at the end. I would get home and my knees would be swollen. I would have real bruises, not just the make-up bruises. It was rough. It was such a major relief.

The pain actors go through for their craft, right? Honestly, Big Sky has some high octane moments, but I wouldn't have guessed the trailer scenes caused so much damage. Meanwhile, we'll see the leading ladies freed yet dealing with new villains soon. Big Sky’s Season 1 second half is kicking off tonight at 10 p.m. ET, and it’s not the only show coming back from winter hiatus. Luckily we have you covered with our full winter premiere schedule.

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