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Firefly Writer Also Commented On Joss Whedon's Alleged Behavior On Set

Firefly creator and prolific writer/producer/director Joss Whedon has experienced a wave of allegations about him from both film and television stars in recent months. While Whedon has made no comments about the allegations, others have come out against him. A Firefly writer commented on his alleged behavior on set after Charisma Carpenter’s allegations became known.

Along with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, Firefly is one of Joss Whedon’s most celebrated television series. One of the biggest writers on the series’ brilliant episodes was Agent Carter’s Jose Molina. But according to Molina, the beloved series has its problems. The television writer took to Twitter to make his own allegations about Whedon's on-set behavior. He spoke up about things that went on in the Firefly writers' room. Check out his allegations against Whedon below:

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Jose Molina’s Twitter post made some accusations against Joss Whedon that fall in line with other allegations. Molina allegedly witnessed some inappropriate behavior against women on the set. But Molina’s allegations remain unconfirmed so far as no investigation has been launched against the director. Given the writer’s career post-Firefly, he was able to move on but never forgot his experience crafting a beloved series. Only time will tell if these allegations will be taken seriously and investigated.

Jose Molina’s tweet was one in a series of allegations launched against Joss Whedon in recent months. Molina’s post came just as Buffy and Angel star Charisma Carpenter spoke up about her alleged experience with Whedon while filming both series. After coming forward with her story, other Buffy and Angel actors such as Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar, Angel lead David Boreanaz and Eliza Dushku came forward to support Carpenter. Some castmates even spoke up about their own experiences while others choose to refrain from commenting for personal reasons.

Charisma Carpenter’s allegations came out in support of Justice League star Ray Fisher’s allegations against Joss Whedon, with Carpenter using the #IStandWithRayFisher hashtag on Twitter. But things between Fisher and Warner Bros have apparently broken down after the investigation results. It’s been reported that Fisher’s Cyborg was written out of the upcoming Flash movie with talks of the actor potentially leaving the DCEU. There were even reports that Warner Bros. knew how disappointing Joss Whedon’s cut of Justice League was before the film’s release.

With Jose Molina coming out against Joss Whedon, the allegations against the creator have grown even further.

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