NCIS Adds A Hawaii Five-0 Star As A Formidable New Agent In Season 18

As fans of the long-running hit NCIS know, this season has brought quite a bit of tragedy and near-tragedy to the members of the team. And, while no one wants to see anyone else leave, whether by choice or body bag, many viewers likely weren't expecting to be treated to a brand new agent so soon after the NCIS team lost the additional help and guidance of Jack, but now we know that the series has turned to Hawaii Five-0 vet Katrina Law to help fulfill a new role.

According to Deadline, Katrina Law has signed on to play Jessica Knight later in NCIS Season 18. Jessica is an intensely capable NCIS REACT Special Agent who's spent much of her career there focused on hostage negotiations, and has a reputation for handling the extreme danger of the day to day aspects of her job with accuracy and a high level of expertise. While we don't know just yet why Jessica will need to cross paths with Gibbs, Bishop, Torres, McGee and the rest of the team, we do know a bit about the hard-working character's personal life already.

Jessica was raised by a single mother, and, because of it, had to fight extra hard in order to accomplish everything she now has in life, and she's become very good at such battles. She's described as being "sharp, athletic, and tough," and, to go along quite well with that, has also been known to excel at getting the job done "fiercely" and with an unshakeable determination. This tough agent does have a tender side, though, with a "wry sense of humor" which likely helps her through life with her stay-at-home husband and their infant son.

If you find yourself becoming enamored of what sounds like a cool character who could really help the team out in several ways, know that Law's story on NCIS will begin with the last two episodes of Season 18. Right now, Law is bringing Jessica in as a recurring character, but there's a strong chance that if she hits with the audience, we could see her becoming a regular should the show be renewed for Season 19.

Anyone who watched Katrina Law during her stint as a regular on Hawaii Five-0 during its tenth and final season will know that she's very good at playing characters with a mind for justice who should not be messed with, so she already seems like a really good fit for a new NCIS addition. Law is also known for similarly badass roles on Arrow, where she played former League of Assassins leader Nyssa Al Ghul, another law enforcement official on CBS' short lived Training Day, and slave turned rebel fighter Mira on Spartacus.

After everything that's happened recently on NCIS, hopefully the arrival of Katrina Law's Jessica Knight will be a boon to the team and viewers alike. We can see how everything turns out at the end of the season, so keep watching as NCIS airs every Tuesday on CBS at 8 p.m. EST.

Adrienne Jones
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