Arrow's Katrina Law Just Landed A Badass New TV Role

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Actress Katrina Law has become a familiar face on the small screen in recent years, thanks to her roles as Nyssa al Ghul on Arrow and Rebecca Lee on Training Day. Now, she has landed a new role on a brand new show that sounds pretty badass. As Law has played plenty of badass characters in the past, we can bet that she can handle whatever is thrown her way. She has officially joined the cast of Crackle's The Oath, where she'll play a police officer.

The Oath will explore the subculture of gangs and the ways members swear to defend and protect the interest of their gangs. It will be a gritty drama packed full of action as it delves into secret societies that are as corrupt as they are exclusive and almost impossible to join. Once within the exclusive ranks, members must cross lines in order to protect their group from outside enemies as well as from threats amongst themselves. Katrina Law has signed on to play Karen Beach.

Karen Beach is a police officer, and she just so happens to be the only member of the Ravens cop gang who is a woman. As such, Karen has developed the tendency to try and prove that she's even tougher than the macho members of the group. Unfortunately, she gets herself into a sticky situation when she becomes involved with a member of a rival cop gang. Their love affair is absolutely forbidden, and it's hard to imagine that there won't be heartbreak involved. As the Ravens gang is comprised of cops who will do anything to uphold the law -- even if that means breaking it -- we can be sure that breaking rules could have ugly consequences.

Katrina Laws joins a cast already consisting of Game of Thrones' Sean Bean and True Blood's Ryan Kwanten. Bean will play a ruthless cop by the name of Tom Hammond, who became the leader of a cop gang years ago before he was betrayed. Hammond wound up in jail after being busted by an undercover FBI agent, but he's not stuck in jail forever. Once he's released, Hammond begins fighting his way back into gang culture and up the ranks as he tries to regain his control over his former gang. Unfortunately for him, his ambitions will turn former allies into enemies as he pursues his vendetta of revenge on those who sold him out.

Ryan Kwanten will play Tom Hammond's son, Steve. He became the leader of the Ravens after his father was sent to prison, and he's utterly loyal to the members of his gang and his family. In what will probably make for some awkward family moments, his position is at odds with his father's, as Tom doesn't intend to preserve the peace of the Ravens. Given that both Hammonds are affiliated with the Ravens, we can rule them out as Karen's partner in the forbidden love affair.

The Oath is currently slated to run for 10 episodes on Crackle, with a target release date of sometime in 2018. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in new series news, and check out our summer TV premiere schedule for your current TV options.

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